Saturday, September 02, 2006

Our Sympathies

Art writes, "The sad news I wanted to relate is: Shawn's Grandma Joyce died yesterday after a month in the hospital following heart surgery, She had some complications and Wednesday they decided to operate. When they went in they found cancer had taken over her body. They closed and told the family they would send her home. She did not ever get to go home, she died yesterday in Mission Hosp.. May God accept her soul.

Shawn our family member is devastated. He has lost both his maternal Grandparents in less than a year. Any comfort you can afford him will be most welcome. He is actually a very fragile and uncomplicated soul and we all love him."

Yes, Shawn, we do love you. As one who has also been so readily been accepted into this Conrad Clan, I am sure you will find comfort from this side of your family as you deal with this loss. Our prayers are with you and with Tiffany, who I know considered your grandparents as her own. I know you are both hurting right now as Frank and I did when Pop passed, but in time you will have only happy memories to recall and you will laugh once again as you remember all the sweet ways they touched your lives.

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