Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Stickball Follies

This picture is from last October when Art decided to get out the stickball set we gave him the Christmas before and teach these country boys how to play some city ball!

The little pink balls and broom handle were a blast from Art's past. He had told me about how much he loved playing with them as a kid and how he wished they were still made. In New York, the kids called them Spaldeens - their way of saying Spalding. After hearing his story, I went home and got on the internet, determined to find some of these little pink balls that Art swore would keep him young!

I was thrilled when I found the balls and could hardly wait to give them to him at Christmas. It took 10 months for him to finally take them out and play with them, but I think once he did, we all saw the little boy come out to play. He was indeed a youngin' that day. He pitched, he caught, and he hit! And I think everyone was a little surprised to find that Helen was as good at it as any of them! After everything that Art has gone through since last fall, this quote really says a lot about the life in your years. I am glad that we all got to spend that time with Art on the Rugby baseball field. Our hope is to have many more of those October Sundays with him! We love you!

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