Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Will Power? Here today, gone tomorrow!

I just turned on the TV and it was recording QVC and Creating Keepsakes. Ooh they are showing daisies - they look so neat and they are such a good deal! But no, I must find WILL POWER (sometimes he is quite elusive)! I have soooo much scrapbooking stuff it isn't funny and I simply do NOT need anymore. I should just change the channel ... but I can't! I am going to prove to myself that I can watch this whole show without buying anything! I know I can, I know I can, I know I can!

Okay let's recap today (maybe that will get my mind off David and Lisa's hypnotic sales pitch) - Hillary rode with me today to meet a couple of the advertisers I am turning over to her with the changing territories. As of Monday, she will be taking over the Saluda, Tryon and Landrum areas along with 64 East to Chimney Rock and Lake Lure. We met with Allyson Landon of Persimmons Bistro in Landrum. Let me tell ya that is a wonderful place to eat - Allyson is a pastry chef and her husband, Steve is the head chef. Together they have turned a shopping strip restaurant into a classy, upscale restaurant. Anyone heading down I-26 should take the Landrum exit and give them a visit! The food is delicious and as Allyson says, "Don't judge a book by its cover," the outside is in no way representative of what you will find on the inside. If you go share it with others, I am sure they will be pleased.

Hillary and I continued up 176 back through Tryon and Saluda, where we were going to stop in and see Melanie at Green River BBQ - but they were slammed. We weren't too hungry and had other appointments to get to, so I gave up my usual chopped chicken bbq sandwich on delicious garlic bread (who knew Will Power was going to be in Saluda today?) and trudged on up the mountain and back down towards Lake Lure where we met with Clay and Becky at Slick Rock Cottage.

Boy these folks are so nice and they have such a lovely shop. Becky & Clay moved here from Houston, bought some land in Bat Cave and opened a great shop filled with local crafters' items and much more. It's right in a curve near an old Apple Stand, so don't miss it. You will be glad you stopped and upon seeing the actual "Slick Rock" with waterfall flowing across their property, you will see while they are so happy to be in WNC.

Ok, so that was a nice distraction. Right now they are pitching QuicKutz II which I have heard many people at Sandy's brag about. I must, I must, I must not give in! Only 20 more minutes. Of course I do have four other scrapbook shows from QVC recorded upstairs - maybe I should just erase them and not even tempt myself. Oh dear, they are showing ribbon ... another weakness. Okay, I am doing fine, the urge is passing ... usually when they promo jewelry and clothes I get upset ... not today! Today, I have found Will Power. I only wish I could keep up with him every day.

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