Saturday, August 26, 2006

Tamara FINALLY Responds

Check out this picture! Only 2 1/2 years ago and now the boys are taller than she is. AMAZING!

I know she answers her mail more often than this - I think I made her feel guilty when I posted everyone else's answers! So here we go with more of the quiz about ME! It seems so vain. I think today I will post some questions for you all to answer . . .

Tamara says, "Okay, Now I feel bad.....I didn't respond. But I enjoyed reading your blog so here are my answers...."

1. What expression do I use - way too often? I don't think you have one

2. What do I do or say that makes you laugh? You never get tired of talking...Del and I both laugh about that, but he also says I laugh alot when I am around you.

3. What do you believe comes easy to me? Communications, not just talking either.

4. What do you believe I struggle with? The same two things I do, money and weight. weird huh?

5. If someone was meeting me at the airport, how would you describe me? I wouldn't have to, you know everyone....haha

6.What do I have that I should give to Goodwill? LOL, no, they won't take that. stuff you don't use anymore, like the stuff on that shelf

7. What do I have that I should never let go of? your talents and personality

8. What's the longest we have ever talked on the telephone? good thing we're "IN". I have record of atleast 2 hours.

9. Would I ever jump out of an airplane? I don't know why, but yes, I think so.

10. How do I let you know I care about you? You are always there.

11. What is the funniest story you could tell anyone about me?

12. If I won the lottery what do you think I would do with the money? Throw a porch party in Jamaica?

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