Monday, August 21, 2006

What's in Your Garden?

Another picture from my dad's 63rd birthday. I think Mama and Daddy were really pleased to have everyone there for Daddy's birthday. We did miss having Brett there, though.

My dad loves all his grandchildren to pieces and he has spoiled them all at one time or another. They really are his pride and joy. I made sure to list all of them on the page even though the picture of him with Matt and Amy is highlighted, they are really only parts 2 and 3 of seven prides and joys!

I seem to really be into flowers on my pages these days. I think Daddy's vegetable garden and Mama's flower garden must have inspired me. I downloaded these elements from a free kit offered at two peas in a bucket. The kit was by Tia Bennett and called "New Growth" - guess that is why I picked it! Granddaddy's birthday party has always included fresh vegetables that until recently were always bought at the Farmer's Market. This year everything was fresh from his own garden. He is really proud of the garden as well he should be. Guess you might call it another one of his Pride & Joys!

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