Wednesday, September 06, 2006

3 More!

Today I went to WW again and I had lost 3 more pounds - Yeah! A day to celebrate! The excitement was short lived though as reality checked back in when I went home for lunch. Some days you just can't do ANYTHING right it seems. Have you ever been accused of something you didn't do and you just wish you had done it because at least then you wouldn't be doing the right thing and still getting yelled at? That is what this day that seemed so wonderful ended up being. Hey, not all days can be happy days I guess. Kind of sad writing from the one is supposed to be so optomistic. Oh well, I am human, REALLY human as I have been reminded over and over again this evening. On the bright side, (see I am still in here) I handled it without eating to cope. I was tempted mind you, I went to the grocery store to get bread and the chocolate bars and goldfish crackers and peanut butter ice cream were all very tempting but instead I bought a scrapbook magazine - which I admit I need probably even less than I need the chocolate bar - but hey, I am not going to screw up two weeks of dieting just because I feel about two inches high. The scrapbook magazine was the best choice and I must say that putting pen to paper, eh, fingers to keys is also very therapeutic. Think I will go read or do a scrapbook challenge from one of my new favorite websites - TTFN

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