Monday, September 04, 2006

Almost Over

My Labor Day Holiday is almost over. Three day weekends just don't seem that long anymore. Maybe it is because we haven't been on vacation in two years. I sure do miss getting to go to Jamaica again this year. We missed last year because I broke my shoulder and this year they are renovating the resort where we like to stay.

We didn't do much at all this weekend. Nick stayed with us and he and Frank played tennis for 3 hours on Saturday night. Yesterday, Frank and I wore up really early and laid back down for a nap. We didn't get up until 2 pm, making it hard to go to sleep last night.

Realizing it just wasn't going to happen for me, I decided to roam the internet. I went in and out of forums all night long. Most of them were about scrapbooking and graphic design, but a few were quite interesting. It is amazing all the different people in this world. It seemed like a lot of the blog sites were being put up as part of classroom curriculum. I think that is pretty cool. I probably would have journaled more in high school had there been a medium like this then.

Today I have been locked in my basement trying to finish a scrapbook for one of my friends at work. It is of her son, Duncan. She is expecting her second child anyday now and I really wanted to have this one finished for her before she takes leave. I should be finished by the weekend. I got about 4 pages done today before I was sidetracked by Joanna's upcoming wedding.

She and Ethan are getting married October 15 at the Hickory Nut Gap Inn. I looked it up online and it is a nice rustic place. She is going to ask her dad to walk her down the aisle (can't wait to see him in a tux!) I, of course, will be taking the pictures. Sure wish I had that Nikon Digital. I hate the thoughts of using film and ending up nothing. Everyone is really excited about it. Harmony is going to be dressed like a little fairy princess, wings and all. It should be sweet. If we can only find someone to officiate. It seems that getting married on a Sunday afternoon is making it hard to find a preacher. I have put Lynelle to task. She knows a lot of ordained ministers and I am crossing my fingers she finds one soon.

We will be celebrating Harmony's 3rd birthday in two weeks! Yeah. More photo ops!

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