Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Wow, I weighed in again today and I had lost 5 more pounds! YEAH! I was kind of shocked, actually was shaking with excitement. This past weekend I went to a family reunion and there was a ton of homemade food and desserts. I had smoked turkey and tons of my mom's delicious green beans and two of her bbq meatballs. I wasn't really sure how to count points for the meatballs, so I just guessed and did the same as a small hamburger. I also picked the KFC mashed potatoes, gravy and cole slaw because the points are easy to figure with my dining out point guide. I actually ate a roll, too, which was more points than I thought they would be. I had one bite of mom's banana pudding (from Matthew's plate) and when I added up the days points, I had stayed under my total. More good news about that day - I wore shorts, NOT OVERALLS, shorts! Some that I had not been able to get into since last summer! Weight Watchers plan is working well and it helps to have so much support. There are 3 ladies where I work also doing it. Today we added it up and between us we have lost 90 pounds. They are very encouraging! Tonight, Frank made burgers and fries - not as bad as you think though - it was a Boca Grilled Veggie Burger on Thomas MultiGrain English Muffin with lettuce, onion, fat free cheese slice, ketchup, and mustard - and I counted out the fries. It was really good!

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