Monday, September 18, 2006

Happy Birthday, Harmony

Harmony, Frank's granddaughter, turned 3 on Friday and on Saturday we celebrated - Princess Style! She is adorable! She had three little girlfriends there along with great & grand parents from three sides of the family! Harmony was dressed as Cinderella when we arrived and she was happy tooting around on her new recorder. When she opened her presents, she found more princess things - wings, crowns, jewels, a "Belle" gown from Beauty and the Beast, and a purple "Princess Harmony" gown. Looks like she will be playing dress up for a while. I remember how much fun it was to play dress up at my mamaw Burnette's house. I can't wait to get my pictures from the party back (THREE rolls, the girl is a camera hog!) Grandma Helen also got her a Raggedy Ann (my favorite) outfit, she looked like a clogger or a little danish maid.

After Harmony's party, Frank and I came home and had wonderful homemade pulled pork bbq - he is such a good cook - this meal set me back 17 whole points - for one meal! I still managed to stay within in my limits so let's up that pork doesn't show it's face on the scales at WW on Wednesday!

On Sunday, we went scuba diving at Jocassee. The drive was quiet as we were both trying to wake up. When we got there, the lake was down over 20 feet. The ramp was really long and you could see islands in the water that aren't usually visible. We took our time getting ready and finally got in the water. It was warm but very murky. In fact, I don't think we have ever been when the vis was so bad. We made our way over to the skeleton and the boat and followed the line down a bit further, maxing out at about 60 feet. At that point it was just to dark to see anything and we headed back up. At about 40 feet, I felt narcosis, which is usually reserved for about 80 feet, so I motioned to Frank that we should surface soon. He wasn't feeling too good either so we started our ascent. On the way up, we found a plane wing which we had not seen before and there was one place that seemed to be bubbling a milky white substance from the rock. We made it back to shore and packed to come home. It was good to get the practice, but needless to say, it will not be remembered as a "good" dive.

I wanted to thank Halle, Lynelle and Shelly for having lunch with me on Friday at Hawg Wild in Brevard. It was nice to see each other again all together. Lunch was good and the fellowship even better. I only wish Matt and Clint could have been there ... and Jay, too! Maybe we can plan a reunion again soon!

Well, that's my lunch break, back to work now. Today we are learning about a new online advertising opportunity to present to our real estate agents and car dealers.

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