Saturday, September 09, 2006

Feeling Better Now?

Yes, I did have a much better day yesterday than the two days before. I was able to get all my ads proofed and into the first edition of the TNW-Brevard. I am really excited about taking that publication to all the businesses on Tuesday. Kevin is going to go with me and I hope we will make a good impression on my hometown.

Yesterday, I picked up Matthew and Zak at ASI. They are doing strength training there and I think they are actually adding some muscle! Matthew now tells me he needs a tan because then his muscles would look bigger! I think my son is growing up. One of the girls that works with Amy told me yesterday my son was gorgeous - I should have taken it as a compliment but instead I was like, "Back off, girl" that's my baby and yes, he is cute, but let's not go making him grown up gorgeous yet. I think that "mama's little baby boy" instinct took over! It was a side of me I had not seen. Weird!

Amy came home from work and as usual she was most helpful. I was tired and went to bed pretty early and when I got up this morning, the kitchen was spotless. I don't know where her energy to work all evening then come home and CLEAN (ugh) comes from. Oh wait, yes, I do - her dad! Thank goodness I was smart enough to make my children's dad an organized clean freak! LOL. It's nice to know all my kids won't grow up to be as messy as their mom!

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