Saturday, September 09, 2006

Hoo Hoo

Night before last, Frank and I were leaving for the grocery store and we heard faint sounds of hoo-hooo as cars were passing by our house. We stopped to listen more closely and realized it was the sound of an owl ... actually two owls. We could tell that one was on the right side of the drive across the street and the other a little further down and on the left. One would hooo hhooo hhoooo and the other would sound as if it were almost chuckling and respond back with a hoo hooo hhoooohhhooo! It was mesmerizing. We were both caught up in it - amazed that here in our little city world, we were able to hear sounds from the country. I wonder what they were saying to each other and if they could hear us? (Picture from Halle's Mom's Collection - See Comment)

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Paula Roberts said...

Hi Paula! I was reading your weblog this morning and was amused that you wrote about owls making their hoo-ing sounds. Thought you might enjoy a couple photos taken in July-August of this year of my mother's owl collection (or part of it). . . .I have never counted them, but she has been collecting for YEARS! The ones on the plate are very tiny. . .
Also: CONGRATULATIONS on losing the pounds! Very glad for your accomplishment!