Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Long Days, Short Nights (2!)

Today was weigh day again and I lost 2 more pounds! Yeah! It was a great moment on what has been an awful last two days. I have a kidney stone and it hurts like crazy - it's too far down to zap, so I am just doubling up on the water to try and flush it on out.

While sitting here now, I just glanced at the clock and hit me - why do we have to spend more hours of the day working than we do relaxing or being creative? I hate that it is already 9 pm and I have just too busy a day tomorrow to stay up late "playing or scrapping" tonight. I wish the night would go just a little slower and the day a little faster!

I have joined a new digital website called A Cherry on Top ~ it is really neat. Above is one of the layouts I did over the weekend for their Fall Festival Crop.

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