Monday, October 02, 2006

A Wonderful Weekend

What a wonderful weekend we had! On Friday, my manager gave me the day off early as a reward for working on the Chamber Event the day before - I don't think anyone has ever done that before! Frank and I started the weekend at the grocery store as the pantry was getting kind of bare. We ended the evening with some chinese food from Beijing. We originally stopped at China Grill on Highway 25, but decided to get home, unload and have someone deliver to us, turns out that was a good idea, as China Grill was robbed shortly after we left. YIKES!

On Saturday, we got up early (4:15 am), Frank made French Toast (my WW lite version) and around 9, we went for him to be fitted for the tux for Joanna's wedding. That was a hoot! The guy at Mac's Menswear on Main Street has been doing this for a hundred years in a store that seems even older! After that we went down to another old establishment, Sherman's Army Store. There, we tried on camoflage overalls and coveralls! We decided to get the coveralls for Art to wear on his new property! Saturday was his 61st Birthday so after our shopping we headed up to see the new digs and have a little party. He and Helen have bought land next to Shawn and Tiffany and it is a beautiful piece. They are surrounded by wildlife! We had lots of fun!

On Sunday we rode the motorcycle to the Flat Rock Playhouse to see "Leading Ladies," a hilarious play starring Scott Treadway. He was so funny, his comic timing is spot on. We laughed so hard we were both in tears. Afterwards we took Little River Road over to Price Road and around Big Willow. It was a beautiful afternoon for a ride. We stopped for gas at Mr. Pete's in Etowah and Frank bought me some lottery tickets. We won $25! So instead of coming home and eating we rode on up to Hawg Wild. Frank had their delicious smoked chicken and I had grilled trout from Morgan's Mill in Rosman.

We rode home in the chilly air and settled in for the evening. It really was a great weekend! Frank's next weekend off is WEDDING WEEKEND MANIA - most of us will be attending two weddings that weekend. I will be taking pictures at Nathan and Nicole's wedding on Saturday in Fletcher and at Joanna and Ethan's on Sunday in Chimney Rock. Sounds like another good one!

By the way, either the kidney stone has passed, disolved, or just decided to give me a rest. I feel much better and haven't had much pain at all since Saturday. Thanks for all the prayers!

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