Wednesday, October 04, 2006

2.6 More Pounds!

Today was WW weigh in day - I lost 2.6 more pounds! Now I am .8 from the magical 20 pound mark!

Now to recap the last couple of days: On Monday, Frank and I went for a nice one mile walk after work at Patton Park. The evening was cool and it was quite pleasant. Tuesday, Frank came home and announced we were going bowling across the street. That was a nice surprise (the fact he found our bowling balls was an even bigger surprise!) So we changed and headed on over. Our first game must have been (re)beginner's luck, he bowled a 157 and I bowled a 150! The games went downhill from there, but I did get two or three strikes each game, the problem was that they were always followed by one of my mis-stepped only three pin shots! I ended the night with a 98! UGH!

Today, Frank was off and he worked on dinner all day, starting with a trip to the Fresh Market and ending with a beautiful chorizo stuffed pork chop and polenta topped with mussel sauce. So yummy (your mouth is watering)!

Pictured above is Harmony showing me how she can "fly" in her pretty fairy princess dress. She is going to wear this in the wedding on October 15.

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