Saturday, December 09, 2006

Atta Boy!

Last night we went to Frank's company Christmas Party at McGuffey's in Hendersonville. I finally got to meet his boss and some of the folks he talks about all the time. In their newsletter they said there would be karaoke, door prizes and some awards. I wasn't looking forward to the karaoke, but I am always up for a door prize and I had my fingers crossed that someone would FINALLY recognize Frank for all that he does on the job. He never and I mean, never, calls in sick, he is never late, and he always works so hard. He recently took on the shipping office manager job and he is learning to type faster, he has learned to make spreadsheets and even made "tables" in Word - which is not that easy. I am very proud of him for taking on a new job and making the extra effort to learn new stuff.

I am happy to report that Stewart Solutions feels the same way! The first award given out was an "Atta Boy" award and it went to Frank! He didn't seem surprised! LOL! Of course, I know he knows he does a good job, but this time, EVERYBODY knows! I was really proud for him. His boss, Roger, said some wonderful things about him including that he was actually jealous of the way Frank was always professional at his job. He really showed a lot of respect for Frank last night. Anyway, next time you see Frank, you can pat him on the back and give him an "atta boy" for his "atta boy."

As for the door prize, neither of us won. And the karaoke? As long as Gary, the DJ, was singing all was well, but do you see who actually got up and sang? This picture may well serve as blackmail in the future! Yep, that's Frank with Dee, his boss's wife and human resource manager; and Roger, his boss. They all joined in for a good and hearty version of Kenny Rogers' "The Gambler." Undoubtedly, no one ever told Frank that "you've got to no when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em and know when to walk away" was from a COUNTRY song!

First photo is of Frank with his buddy, Big Bird, I mean, Russell (he's the little fellow on the right-haha!) Russell and his wife, Vicki, have a 14 month old son that the left at home for the first time in a year. Vicki is from Haywood County and most likely went to school with some of my cousin's kids. She mentioned a Lacy Deaver as one of her best friends and that name sounds familiar. Her mom is Opal Mashburn. Hey mom, do you know her? She said her mom grew up on Dix Creek. Anyway, we met some other folks and had a great time with them, too. I especially liked Tony Zachary, a good ole Brevard boy, who can clog like you've never seen. Frank says he actually goes to competitions. He was really good and when they played "Rocky Top," I even joined in and clogged a few verses (which explains the third picture up there.) Let me tell you, it was great exercise, and much more fun than a treadmill. Maybe I will take it up again!

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