Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Okay, so Frank says I never admit it when I am wrong - well, this time I am happy to report I WAS WRONG! Wrong about how much weight I thought I had gained this week - I hadn't gained any and I lost 1.4 more to bring me up to 37.6! Our scales here went a little goofy and from Saturday morning through last night (when I jumped on the them and broke them) that had been saying that I had gained 3 pounds. For the life of me I could not figure out how I had done it, and I was terrified to go weigh today. But I decided I had to suffer through it and if I had to post a plus, it would be okay. Thank goodness, I lost!

Did ya'll see this headline, "S.C. mom has son arrested for playing with present before Christmas?" Click on the headline and it should take you to the story if you've not already seen it. When I read it all I could think was, "I'm glad my mom is soooooo nice!" 'Cause man, if anyone knows how that boy was feelin', it's me! (Right, mom?) I found my typewriter and my camera and used both before Christmas morning when I was in the 5th and 6th grades. I remember the year, I only asked for a denim jacket and the game, Payday, I just had to know if I got them, so I opened them up and made sure, then wrapped them back up. I also found out I was getting a pink robe and a few more things. It was a GREAT Christmas. One year, Mom decided to number the presents so I wouldn't know if they were mine or Angie's ... didn't help. I checked them all - then I knew what everything was, just didn't know who was getting what! My very first Christmas as a married gal, I made a big boo boo in what I said would make a "really stupid gift for me" (a watch, because I always lost them) only to realize that was what Billy bought me. As soon as I had the opportunity, I unwrapped it and made sure, and then proceeded to "mention" every day until Christmas how much I "needed a new watch." :) Sneaky? Well from that year on, my presents were taken to mom's or left at Eckerds. It didn't always work, afterall, I knew where Mom hid stuff when I lived there, what had changed? I will tell you what changed me for good ... FRANK! He told me, straight up, if he found out I cheated and looked at it, it was going back and I wouldn't be gettin' nothin'! Well, I believed him and I have NEVER opened, or even tried to sneak a peek at his gifts for me! I am glad he wasn't around to offer that advice to my mom. As for being arrested, I can only hope there is a statute of limitations on such crimes and that the time has passed to press charges!


Angie said...

If you only knew what went through my mind when I saw that story on the news the other night!!!! You, of course!!! I remember you opening those gifts and how I dreaded mom finding out. I guess it helped her not to worry that you might be disappointed on Christmas morning if you already knew, uh?

Congrats on the weight!! Can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks and see your progress!

Tamara said...

Paula, You should be ashamed!! What kind of example are you setting? My dad used to get so mad at my sister in law that used to guess everything. He would disquise it so no one knew. I started the number thing a few years ago when Nathan, Zack and Nick started that quessing game.