Friday, December 15, 2006

First Love!

I have been meaning to upload this picture of Nick with his girlfriend, Courtney. It was taken the Saturday after Thanksgiving when we celebrated Turkey Day at Tiffany's. Courtney is really cute and she just happens to be the daughter of Tamara Johnson, a girl Angie and I went to school with. Sometimes I think the kids are right, I do know everybody! I think it comes with the territory, afterall, I have lived here all my life! Love this picture, if anyone wants a copy, let me know. Happy Friday!


Someone's Mom, can you tell? said...

Your right Paula, Courtney is really cute, but that guy with her!!!OH MY!! He is just a doll!! LOL And what a cute couple they make, same hair color even.

Angie said...

She is cute! And really favors Tamara to me. Of course, in my old memory is fading. Luckily for Tamara, I knew her in elementary school, so that "older" memory is better than the newer short-term. Now that you're 40 (!), maybe you can relate. ha ha

Paula Roberts said...

haha! You'll be there soon!