Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Yep, today is Wednesday which means Weight Watchers and I lost 1.6 lbs. today to bring me to a total of 43.2 pounds! Looks like my goal of getting to 50 pounds by January's end is going to fall short - but no biggy, I've adjusted and reset that goal to 45! No need to get discouraged, I realize that I have just slowed down a bit. I did walk the track over at the hospital twice this week and have hopes of adding that to my daily routine as weather permits. Amanda and Atley went with me on Sunday and we had a nice walk around the first time and then they actually jogged the second lap while I walked.

Today was the first day of exams for the kids at West. and as far as I can tell they faired pretty well. Nothing blockbuster but no great let-downs either. I know both Amy and Matthew are looking forward to next week when they get to start their "one core course" semesters. Matthew had been carrying a bookbag that weighs close to 35 pounds every day for five months now and soon he will have only a science book and notebook - I am glad his back survived. Amy has only her English class and Senior Project to fret over because her other three classes include two periods of teaching off campus at Mills River Elementary and one period of Teacher Assisting. Of course, she will be graduating in June! I know, I know, it will be here before we know it.

Just an update on Matthew's basketball team. They haven't done so well this year, I think they are 3-9, having lost most of their games by a couple of baskets or less. I asked him why they were doing so poorly with such talent on the team and he seems as stumped as I am. I know this, the coach isn't playing him as much as I think he should ... something I have never had to say before. Here I will go being the proud mama ... when coach put him in the other night they were tied and Matt immediately got two assists and they went up by 4 points. He had great court vision (he can see when the guys are open) so he is able to get off some great passes usually resulting in a score. He even fakes me out with his no-look passes!

Amanda is looking for a job with a few more hours (preferrably NOT waitresses) so you can earn enough money this summer to fill her bank account back up and hopefully go on a cruise. It's the cruise that Dee, Rebecca and Atley go on with Pat's School of Dance and there is a chaperone going who still doesn't have a roommate so Amanda is hoping to help her fill that void. Her dad has said yes as long as she can show that she can earn enough to pay for it. So if you see any openings anywhere, let us know!

Well, it's time for me to close and watch the Bulls finish the second half against the Bucks. We're down by 3 right now. Good news for Carolina though, they beat Clemson by a pretty big amount, 22 points last time I looked! Go Tarheels!

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Angie said...

I'm SO excited about the continued weight losss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're doing great!!!!