Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Snap, Snap!

Isn't this pretty? I took it the other day on my way home from Brevard. I only had the digital camera from work so I couldn't zoom in and you probably can't see it very well. But I was driving down 280 right before the county line and this red barn with a beautiful reddish brown horse standing to the side caught my eye and I actually went and turned around to come back and look at it again and try to get a good picture of it. The horse did not move its body the whole time, but its head followed me all along the fence as I scurried about trying to get a good shot. I so wish I had my zoom lens. Any way, in person it was a beautiful, peaceful sight. The sun was glowing, the red barn was bright, the horse was posed perfectly with its body casting a perfect shadow against the barn. This was one of my "stop and smell the roses" moments. I wish I had more but I am ever so thankful when they come and I don't miss them.

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Shane said...

Hello there! I made my way to your blog by way of Angie's blog. I'm her back door neighbor. Luke and my son play together everyday. Anyway, just wanted to let you know I stopped by. Oh, and the barn picture is really beautiful.