Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Mediacom is really getting on my nerves!

Just wanted to check in and say HAPPY NEW YEAR - since I didn't get to say it yesterday or on Sunday - thanks to the wonderful technicians at Mediacom! I am blogging from work now because my internet connection has been down since Sunday - ugh! Driving me crazy. And just when I signed up for another on line crop fest t www.lifetimemoments.com. They are also having a crop weekend at A Cherry on Top another one of my favorite online scrap sites. Not going to sign up for it until MCHSI decides to cooperate!

So I hope everyone had a beautiful new year. I was glad when the rain finally stopped. Frank and I stayed home instead of going out to any celebrations pretty much because the weather was already bad and add to that all the bad drivers on NYE and it seemed like a better idea to stay in. We had lots of fun! He made nachoes and we watched the ball drop - a good evening all in all.

Have you made any new year's resolutions or set any goals for 2007? Of course, my first goal is to continue to lose weight and attend my WW on Wednesdays - which I am dreading tomorrow because the scales today say I have added a couple of pounds. Oh well, got to face the music - I did eat a lot differently since last Wednesday. Chicken fingers at Cheddars, Prime Rib and Lobster at Frank's, then Nachoes - I really don't deserve a loss this week. But I am back on track and I did make my personal goal by then end of 2006! I am not going to beat myself up but I am going to be more strict. If the scales are right, and I have a 2 pound gain with Frank having been in charge of the menu for the last 10 days - well let's just say, 2 pounds "ain't as bad as it could've been!" My other goals include meeting more people and selling more ads in my territory, keeping in touch more with family and friends (hopefully this site helps me do that), and being better organized (of course they are not necessarily in that order.)

Well, hopefully, my internet works when I get home, if not, I will plan to post WW tomorrow afternoon before I leave work again. TTFN! Leave me some "love" (comments) tell me what your goals are .... pleaseseseese!

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