Friday, December 29, 2006

Whoa! Spending the day with Tucker & Moe!

Today, Frank and I went horseback riding in Candler at Fordbrook Stables. Mike and Rhonda Ford run a pretty cool horse farm just off Sardis Road. Our ride was two hours long ~ straight up a beautiful farm to views of downtown Asheville, the Grove Park Inn, and the Biltmore House. There were eight of us on the ride plus our trailguide, Rhonda. She was pretty funny, telling us they hoped we enjoyed the "two day" ride we had signed up for. We did enjoy it it, but I'm glad it wasn't two days ~ we were a little sore after the two hours we did ride. Frank's horse was named Moe, and he was a biter (which Frank thought a bit ironic since I am the biter in the family) and my horse was Tucker, a sure-footed, take your time and do it right (like Frank) kind of horse. They gave me Tucker because he was so gentle and smart, she said he usually gets the kids in the group and she had even used him to take a blind woman on the tour. Mike, the owner, knew me from advertising with me at the Town Tooter, so he took extra care in getting a good horse for me when he found out it was my first time. We really did have a great time and got some pretty neat pictures. I think we will have to put this on our list of things to do again ... and soon!

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