Wednesday, February 14, 2007

1.8! Happy Valentine's Day

So, what do you get the girl whose lost 48.8 pounds for Valentine's Day? Well, according to Frank, fat or not, weight watchers or not, he will ALWAYS buy me a Whitman's Sampler (ain't he the greatest?) I will say he was nice enough to buy the 12 ounce box instead of the two pounder ... and of course, he expects me to share, so that's really only 6 ounces! Tonight I had the coconut, the toffee, and the caramel piece. Sounds like a lot, I know, but I actually had those without even going over on my daily points (I had a 2 point smart ones for lunch just in case tonight involved chocolate!)

Well, I hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day! Send me some love and comments - what did you get? Was it tasty? Did it smell good? My chocolate came with a beautiful card that said exactly what I needed to hear ... ALWAYS!

Tonight, Matthew's JV Basketball team played in their last game this season. It was a tournament game at Brevard against Pisgah. Matter had 10 points, but they lost by 5. Tomorrow, he starts baseball tryouts at West.

For those of you that don't know it, last Tuesday (when Frank and I were home sick as dogs) Matthew chase a ball into the bleachers and came out with a bloody cut over his right eye. He ended up in the ER with 6 stitches and he missed their last regular season game. On Sunday, Amanda, Amy, & I took him back to Express Care and had the stitches removed and then we all went to Greenville, SC and ate lunch at Sticky Fingers. We also went to the movies and saw "Because I Said So ..." a definite chick movie that Matter was kind enough to suffer through. It was pretty good but the best part was that me and my kids were all together for the first time in years it seems! I mean just us, not a holiday, nobody working, no boyfriends. It was a great day! Here is a picture to prove it!


amanda said...

hey momma!
mmm candy..i'll help you eat it so you dont go over on your points. i got dora the explorer valentine cards and atley filled each one of them out individually. i also got stuff to make chocolate chip brownies and the cool jones drinks in a box set.

Tamara said...

Hi Paula,
Nice picture of the kids, I wish I could take a picture of my kids like that. huh? I got a rose,a very nice card, dinner this weekend and we are going to see Ziggy the water sking squirrel(really we are going to the rv and boat show). Nick made me a pottery bowl and Zack got me a slushy from Sonic (my favorite). Enjoy those chocolate points!!