Monday, February 12, 2007

Working on Wedding Album

Pages for the Wedding Album I am trying to finish for Joanna's birthday on the 21st. Keep your fingers crossed - I have 10 days left!

My favorite so far? Little Things, the layout with Mimi and Joanna. It has the words to the song, Little Things Mean A Lot, and the hidden journaling underneath the picture on a pull out card reads, "When the Kay Starr song, “Little Things Mean A Lot,” began to play at Jo’s wedding you could see the tears fill Mimi’s eyes – Joanna had heard Mimi talk about how that was her and her husband’s first dance and Joanna wanted to surprise Mimi by playing it at her wedding. It was indeed a surprise and the result was precious. It is a beautiful song and Joanna proved what a very thoughtful and beautiful granddaughter she was by playing it for Mimi on her special day. I think this picture of Mimi and Joanna is lovely – the smiles – the tears – just beautiful. It proves the song – little things REALLY do mean a lot!"

Thanks for looking at my blog. Will try to update a bit more tomorrow!

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guess said...

Paula, can't see the pics and when I click on them it takes me to a website that is no good. I wanna see...whaaaa!!