Wednesday, February 07, 2007

No Weigh In Today

Well today is only a continuation of yesterday which was an awful day - either we have a stomach bug or we have food poisoning. Frank is convinced it was food poisoning from some coldcuts or fresh bread we bought at Sam's while I am more inclined to think it's just a bug. Either way, we both feel lousy. Hey, it's almost 5:30 and it's the first time all day I have felt like looking at a computer screen - yea, I know, "she must be sick," right? As you guessed it, my sickness kept me from weighing in today, but if I feel better by 10 am tomorrow morning, I will weigh in then and get it posted. My scales say I have lost a little bit - but who knows. I used 16 of the extra 35 last week over two days and I haven't done that very often so I was a bit worried. Of course, chicken soup and gatorade is all I have today so maybe that will make up for it. Hope everyone else is healthy and well. Have a great Thursday and wrap up - it is seriously cold out there this week.

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