Thursday, February 01, 2007

Told You!

Well, I just knew they were going to jinx it, add in the fact that the school system didn't hesitate to cancel school and it was pretty obvious that we were NOT going to get the big storm predicted. By 8:30 a.m. there wasn't anything going on around here, so I took off to work. I had to deliver some flyers to Brevard and the closer I got, the more snow started to fall. It was so beautiful! I delivered the flyers, drove down Main Street to find almost everything closed, stopped by to see Sandy at the scrapbook store and decided, "Hey, I'm out, why not see if I could get some pictures in the forest." So I did and those are three of them. I set the timer and the camera on the fence and ran out to get proof that I got to "play" a bit in the snow.

I would like to have seen more. but I am happy that I got to get out, get pictures, and stayed safe! Hopefully, Angie got some pictures of all the snow she got in SC.

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Angie said...

Those are great pictures! How do you do that!?!?!?

We had snow, but evidentally not what you saw on TV. It was still nice to have a day without expectations on anyone! The kids got out and played in the "ice" and thought it was great! I guess they have a little of their mother in them, uh?

Hope you enjoy the circus!