Saturday, February 03, 2007

Family Circus

We did it! 17 of us actually made it to our house on time for glorified hamburgers, chips, and little debbies before loading up in three cars to carpool to the circus in Greenville. Frank made us all pose for a family portrait first which once I am done scrapping those photos, you will see was a photographer's nightmare! We all had a great time. I snapped so many pictures and a few of them came out pretty well, even of the circus itself. I really enjoyed the tigers and the trained puppies (they were sooo cute!) I hope that everyone who reads this that went with us will comment on your favorite parts, too (I need journaling for my pages afterall). The pages above are the ones I have done so far. I intend on making an album just about the circus - most are 20 layouts so I guess I have 14 to go (definitely going to need some more journaling!) Enjoy. TFL!


Tamara said...

great pages so far. My Fav...were the puppies of course, anyone could have guessed that. And seeing Harmony enjoy herself and that bright little smile. But the one thing I enjoyed with surprise was sitting in front of Atley and Amanda, sitting in front of Atley can be a circus in itself but seeing Amanda so happy and laughing at Atley. You can really tell she is in love. Thanks again, we had a great time. Tamara

Anonymous said...

They are one goofy couple that is for sure!