Sunday, February 04, 2007

Yes, I did win a spelling bee once or twice

Just wanted to let you know that I know that Cotton is misspelled on Harmony's "Cotten Candy" layout. I kept looking at it thinking it was wrong and then when I went to fix it, I was out of "o"s in those letters. Hoping Sandy has an extra "o" in her stash when I see her on Monday. Until then, please forgive me. (My sister was in shock when she saw this - she knows what a stickler I am for spelling!)


Tamara said...

I was'nt/could'nt say anything. I knew that if you put it that way there must be a reason. To funny.

Angie said...

Only someone that grew up with the high expectations on spelling could relate!!! Our family is cursed with the "have to always be right" when it comes to spelling! Who started that anyway?? MOM!? or was it BOTH of you with all your games of scrabble--ugh! All I know is that it is genetic and unfortuately I am passing it on to my kids!! Gene thanks God everyday for spell check!!!!!