Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Matt's Sports Diary

Hello All - just wanted to announce the creation of Matt's Sports Diary. I know it has his name on it, but don't expect him to be journaling too much on it. I am going to encourage it, but I don't expect too much! However, you will find his schedules and maybe a recap of the game if I happen to make it. Many of his weekday games are from 4-6 and almost over by the time I get there. Games are $5 per person, so right now it's not financially feasible to attend a game for 30 minutes.

He is doing well, though, having had at least one hit in every game and according to his dad, making an "awesome play at short" in Monday night's game!

I am going to include a link to his blog on my page in the left hand column, but if you want to add it to your favorites, it is Matt's Sports Diary . I hope this will help all those that care keep up with him! And I hope it might encourage Matthew, and the girls as well, to start journaling, too!

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