Wednesday, March 14, 2007

2.4! Back on Track!

Today was WW day and I lost 2.4 pounds ... YEAH! Need to lose 1.6 over next two weeks to meet mini-March goal of 55 total! Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Check out my bald headed son with his bald headed friend, Gary. The two of them along with all the boys on JV and Varsity had their heads shaved to honor teammate Matthew Pruitt, who is battling cancer. It's a great show of support and team unity. So far both teams are undeafted at 4-0. P.S. Click Here to see Matt's new blog and more pictures.


Please keep Tamara in your thoughts and prayers. She hasn't been in good health in a while and the doctors think they may have it figured out. Hugs & Prayers, T, you know you got mine!

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Tamara said...

Hey I think thats a good look for Matt, I like it. Makes those eyes get ya! Thanks for the prayers!