Friday, March 23, 2007

My Sister's Big Weekend

I haven't talked to her in the last few days because I figured she was studying ... and praying ... A LOT! Today and tomorrow are her big days in Charleston! I know everyone who knows and loves her is praying for her nerves to be calmed, for her patient to be what the judges expect, and for the talent the good Lord gave her to come shining through! Wishing you the best, Sis, you are in my prayers all day today!

BTW, Wednesday was WW, and I had a .4! So, I am getting there. Need 1.2 to make that goal of 55 next week. Keep your fingers crossed ... and the goodies behind your back! LOL!

Everyone have a nice weekend, it's supposed to be really pretty! We will be celebrating Tamara's birthday on Saturday at Carrabas (don't remind me about how good that food is!) At WW I asked Tamara what we were going to have on Saturday and she said, "Our 35 Weekly Points!" She's probably right, I don't think Carrabas knows the meaning of the words, SMALL PORTIONS!

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