Friday, March 16, 2007

Early to Rise, Late to Bed

Is it the new time or my sinus headache that is keeping me up tonight? Not really, sure, maybe a little bit of both mixed with a lot of March Madness! I just couldn't go to sleep before the Tarheels put away those Colonels from Eastern Kentucky. There was a bit of family pride riding on that one! I always told those Kentucky relatives that the problem with their state was that it was just an upside down version of the best state in the Union ... North Carolina. Take a look on the map sometime, I am sure you will notice the resemblance.

So are you keeping up with the brackets? Amanda, Amy, Matt and the rest of the crew at Billy's house are and Amanda added my picks to her list of those to keep up with. According to my records I am 11 for 16 tonight, missing the losses by Duke (I knew they were bad, but going out in the first round? REALLY?), Gonzaga, Marquette, George Washington, and Texas Tech (I just knew Bobby would make it). Of course, all of those would have been upsets if they had won (except Duke) but who knew there would be so little upsets today, that is very unusual! There were only two lower seeds to win, VCU over Duke, which I am sure many people missed, and Xavier over BYU (I picked Xavier) which wasn't a huge upset, just a 9 over an 8 seed. Hopefully I will do much better tomorrow. 68.75% will not cut it!

Today brought really great news - AMY'S CAR IS FIXED! Once Uncle JC ordered the motor and it arrived yesterday, he really worked hard to get it in and ready to go. I was expecting it next week sometime, but looks like she'll get it tomorrow! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, JC (and Sandra for letting me know he could do that kind of work!) You will never know what this means to our family. Now, we just have to get that leaky sunroof fixed. Maybe the money we are going to save on gas rearranging vehicles and picking Amanda or Amy up every day can help pay for that. All I know is the motor will be a waste if her car keeps flooding and the floor rots out! If it ain't one thing, it's another! But I am truly greatful for JC's help!

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