Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Today was weigh in day and I was down 2 pounds from last week. Thank goodness! I still need .6 to get to that elusive 55 pound mark, but hopefully that will come off next week. Right now I am updating from TC Library, one of the few places in town with Free Wi-Fi still working. Obviously, I wasn't the only one who had this idea, as they are 6 laptops in use right now. Our power is STILL off and we have now been told 11 PM TOMORROW NIGHT. Last night all the apartments and the houses within a mile of us came back on ... not us, we seem to be the only ones attached to a blown transfer at the end of the line and I guess they forgot to check that one. When I called the lady said, "Oh you guys are back on already." I said, "Where are you?" "Charlotte," she answered, to which I replied, "Let me see, you are in Charlotte on the phone and you are trying to tell me, the one in my house in the DARK, that my power has been restored?" It took her a minute but I think I finally made her realize that I probably knew a bit more than the computer did at least this time. Then they told us we would have power by 5 am this morning, then 5 pm on Wednesday, then 5 am on Wednesday again, then 5 am on Thursday, then 5 pm on Thursday. As of 3:00 today, we are being told 11 PM Thursday. Who knows. I think they are just trying to cover all the bases.

Well, I must leave now and return to work. Have a nice evening.

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