Tuesday, April 17, 2007

This Explains A Lot!

I have been unable to blog, surf or read emails except while here at work since the power went out an eternity ago! The pictures above are from Grimesdale, the neighborhood across the street, where trees are down in just about every yard. These aren't little trees either. They are old and big and when they tumble they take power lines, phone lines, light poles, other tress and even houses with them on the way down. The neighborhood is a sea of orange trucks and yellow hard hats. I talked to one guy who was taking a lunch break about 30 minutes ago .... he started around 6 am this morning. He said a guy had fallen from a pole on Sunday night breaking both legs, it really makes you appreciate all those out there helping to keep us spoiled folk from going crazy in an internet-television-telepone-less house.

Frank and I have actually faired pretty well. Our hot water is run by gas, so we can at least shower. We've lit all the candles and oil lamps and found batteries for the radio. Last night we listened to WSM (the Nashville Station that hosts the Grand Ole Opry) and it was really kind of neat. Frank threw his t-fal pans on the grill and sauteed us up some shrimp scampi with a side of navy beans-n-onions (yummy). Then we read a bit by the light of the oil lamp and fell asleep listening to WTZQ. I do miss electricity (and give kudos to Ben for being bright enough to figure out how to harness it) but it's also kind of nice to be forced to slow down a bit and just relax without all the phones ringing, television blaring and internet pop-ups we're used to dealing with each evening.

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