Monday, October 15, 2007

It's What I Do ...

On Saturday when Frank and I were in Greenville, I was just strolling around NOT taking pictures and Frank asked why I wasn't taking pictures, especially since I got a new camera. I just "ho-hummed" and he said, "I don't understand why you are not taking pictures. If were on vacation or in Jamaica you would be taking pictures of everything, what's different?" Point taken. I guess somehow I just wasn't thinking that the folks of Greenville feeding their faces and walking around the street fair would be that interesting. I am happy to say ... I was wrong ... Frank was right. I think I captured a few good shots to share with you. What you see is how I saw the event, what you can't feel is all the pushing and shoving and feelings of being lost in a huge sea of people. It was nicer during the early part of the day, but as the night went on, it just kept getting more and more crowded. Hope you enjoy the slide show.


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Amanda said...

cool pictures. me and atley went into that kitchen store that you have pics of. cool little kitchen gadgets but it was really hot when we were in there.