Saturday, October 13, 2007

Me & Frank at Fall for Greenville

Today was a great day! Started out with breakfast at Golden Corral with Art, Helen, Zack, Nick & Corey to celebrate Frank's birthday. Not a big crowd but as long as Dad and kids are there, Frank is good. Missed Joanna. Frank got some cute red socks and a great Calpholon stock pot from Art & Helen. Can't wait to see what he makes first with it! Breakfast at the Corral was Yummy! I had some of the french toast and thought it was really good, it had cinnamon on it.

After we finished breakfast we headed to Greenville for Fall for Greenville street fair. It was pretty neat - lots and lots of people and lots and lots of food. Frank tried the Blue Ridge Brewing Company's Smoked Duck Quesadilla and I had a steak sandwich from Larkin's. The proportions were a bit smaller than appetizers and so when we got home we finished off the pizza Frank made last night. Out of 43 food vendors there today, not one of them had anything nearly as tasty as Frank's leftovers! Oh well, I am really sleepy now. Will post some more pics on Sunday.

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