Friday, January 18, 2008

More to the Story ...

These are my friend Angela's daughters, playing in the snow. I think she got some awesome shots - she was very wise to have them dressed in such vibrant colors - they show up so well against the snowy white background. She sent these to me last night along with the funniest little story ... I just had to share it with you. After you read it you will understand why I like her so much, she tells great stories and she is just so funny - I can always count on her for a laugh and after the day I had yesterday, she knew I needed one.

READ THIS ~ It's great!
Okay, so I just uploaded some pics I took today of the kids playing in the snow. They're really cute, but it's what happened after the pics were taken you might enjoy most.
In the pics you'll notice a happy, excited Emma spending a ton of time working on building a snowman. This was her very first ever real snowman with rock eyes, stick arms and everything. Anyway, after working feverishly to get the snowman together, rolling up each ball, picking out the perfect rock eyes, etc., etc... the 6-year-old-snot-nosed-@!$$-ant-little-brat-of-a-boy who lives a couple doors down comes over and kicks it square in the stomach! Snowman flies everywhere! Emma is crushed. Mama Bear here sees it all. I'm like, "Hey! You don't come into someone else's yard and kick down their snowman! It took her a long time to make that snowman! What's wrong with you?!" The 6-year-old-snot-nosed-@!$$--ant-little-brat-of-a-boy who lives a couple doors down is standing shin deep in what's left of my daughter's snowman. He looks at me matter of factly and says, "Oh, I'm sorry about that." He then turns and points to a lady walking slowly toward us on the sidewalk and says, "That's my mom." I get down eye to eye with the 6-year-old-snot-nosed-@!$$--ant-little-brat-of-a-boy who lives a couple doors down and whisper quietly, "Good thing mom's watching or you'd end up like Mr. Snowman."

The moral of this story is there's always going to be a 6-year-old-snot-nosed-@!$--ant-little-brat-of-a-boy nearby, eager to kick down your snowman. Just hope he's dumb enough to do it in front of your mama. ;)

See what I mean? Bet you are laughing at loud! I just love her!

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Amanda said...

HAHA! that's funny. way to go angela!