Sunday, January 20, 2008

Xyla @ 5 Weeks & 3 Days

One of the pictures I took this morning at Tiffany's -Isn't she pretty? I think everyone is right when they say she looks a lot like Harmony did at that age. I guess I better make sure I label these layouts. I remember when Amanda and Amy were little I thought I would always be able to tell their baby pictures apart because Amanda's hair was lighter than Amy's. Well, let me just say there are a lot of pictures that Mama and I have looked over having to find other things in the pictures to help us remember which one it is a picture of. Pictures can sometimes lie ~ Amanda's hair was a lot lighter than Amy's - always has been - but there are pictures of her that I would swear were Amy, but when you turn them over, thank goodness, Mama had put the year on the back! Point is ... I should discreetly add the date to all of these layouts! I got some great photos today and hope to share more soon.

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