Monday, January 07, 2008

My Pretty Bags

First, since Amanda pointed out in the last post comments that I didn't mention it, is my adorable Eeyore Bag. The kids bought it for me to take to the gym but it's a bit small for all my junk when I am going to swim and workout. It is, however, ideal for my lunch and snacks every day. I love it! They also bought me a cool sweat suit for wearing to the gym. They're the best kids ever! Love you, all three, Amanda, Amy, & Matthew!

And second, the Vera Bradley bags - one big one for all the water, shoes, bathing suit, MP3 player (thanks, Art & Helen), books to read while treadmilling; and a smaller one for the shampoo, deo, q-tips and baby powder. When I fussed at Frank for spending too much on them his words were, "You are always buying fancy stuff like that for your kids and everyone else and I wanted you to have something that nice to carry to LPC. You said, 'Buy something from my heart', " then he patted his heart and said, "That was your gift from my heart." Isn't that just the sweetest thing?

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