Monday, January 07, 2008

We did it!

Frank and I joined LPC yesterday and ended up working out for the better part of the afternoon. I went 1 mile in hard fought effort of 20 minutes - I had to run at the end and a couple of times in the middle to make it - but I did it! Then we went around and learned all the different machines, taking turns counting and setting them up for each other. Frank did the elliptical machine while I did the treadmill. We ended it all with a nice 10 minute soak in the hot tub. I was a afraid I was going to be super sore this morning, but it really isn't too bad so far. I just got back from doing another 25 minutes on the treadmill and 25 minutes doing the weight machine circuit. Go to find something that works to get rid of my belly! That ab-machine is a killer! Oh well that is where my biggest problem is so guess I will just have to suck it in and keep on trying. Wish us luck. I really know this is where I need to be for now. Doing WW points, too. Decided since our first month and registration fees were waived yesterday, I could afford to do the WW online for three months. Their website is just full of helpful recipes and exercise ideas as well as the BEST place for me to track my weight. I am ashamed to say I have put back on quite a bit of what I lost but I am headed back in the right direction now and I have only added back one size (still out of the 20's, thank goodness, just should be headed more towards 14 than 16 at this point.) Oh well, if I dwell on the negative it will depress me, so here is to the positive! Two workouts down, 300+ to go (for this year anyway!) Have a great day!

PS Remind me later and I will put up a picture of the beautiful "gym" bage Frank bought me to go to workouts with!


Amanda said...

Sounds like fun! What about the bag that we got for you?

Paula Roberts said...

Of course I will post a picture of the awesome bag you and Amy and Matthew gave me - but I am using it everyday to take my lunch and WW snacks to work in. As it turns out it is perfect size for that but was a bit too small for a bathing suit, a towel, shorts, shoes, deoderant, shampoo ... well you get the point. Anyway, I love the eeyore bag for lunch and snacks! Thanks do much for it!