Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Time for a Change

I can't believe it has been almost six weeks since my last entry. Have I been busy or just lazy? Not sure. Anyway, hope the new layout is to your liking. I decided it was time for a change.

I have had a major cold and sinus infection for about 10 days now and I've not coughed this much in years. I hurt from head to toe and I am on my second round of antibiotics. It's painful.

During that same 10 days, I've re-discovered my "like" of cooking. Some guy where Frank works was fired three weeks ago and Frank has worked 15 of the last 18 days. Whew! Because he was going to be working so much, our normal arrangement of me cooking when he works was quadrupled. So I set out to find some recipes that I would enjoy and that would be easy because I was forewarned those days were not a license to eat out every night for three weeks.

When I bought my sister this new bakeware called Temp-tations, I bought myself one piece - the 13x9 pan. It's ceramic and I love it! It bakes perfectly and it cleans so easily. So far the favorites are lasagna (for which Frank says I now 'own the crown'), Turkey and dressing rollups with gravy, and a chicken dish that I can't remember what I put in it. Oh well.

So, since I last wrote, it has officially become Spring. My allergies has also sprung, and mixed with the cold and sinus stuff, are not welcome! Everyone complained about the snow but at least it kept away the pollen.

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