Sunday, March 28, 2010

Time to be a grown up

Today I had to face the hard facts: it's time for Matthew to be a grown-up and time for me to let go a little. We visited the campus of Catawba Valley Community College where Matthew has been given the opportunity to play basketball in the fall. It was jarring. For one, I realized in order to go there he is going to need a car which means he also needs a driver's license. YIKES! We've got tons to do! The first of course is for him to learn the rules of the road so he can take the permit test and then, YIKES again, I have to actually let him behind the wheel and start learning how to drive. Daddy? Where are you? I have a feeling this would be much better handled by a different parent or even a grandparent.

Also after visiting and seeing some of the huge (we're talking 6'8" and taller) players, Matthew has some concern about being able to hang with those dudes. Just in case CVCC isn't a good fit for him, we came home and applied to UNC-Charlotte. Matthew seems to think he would like to go there. Pretty sure it's just because another of his buddies has applied there, but oh, well. As for me, I would love for him to go to Blue Ridge first and then to WCU where his other two moms can keep an eye on him :)

Well, anyway, I guess it goes without saying but please pray for us to be able to get all of stuff together and get him enrolled somewhere soon!

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