Thursday, February 24, 2011

Updated Last Three Posts

Just wanted to let you know that I went back and updated the last three weeks of daily photos with my daily thoughts and journaling. It may take you a while to get caught up. Sorry about the delay, I will try to be better at posting on the weekends to catch you up a week at a time.

If you would like to comment, you should be able to sign in anonymously and comment. Or just email me at if you want to respond.

This has been a really rough week. I started Weight Watchers again and I must have prayed for patience because God is certainly sending the trials my way to test it. A wedding on Saturday took my mind off the shocking murder of a sweet friend of mine. The families at the wedding were so sweet and the reception was at Glen Cannon which provided a beautiful background to photograph all of their guests. I think they will appreciate that everyone that was there was photographed.

Today as I was leaving work I found out that another childhood friend, Lisa Thompson (Anderson) had died of complications from pneumonia. She and her brother, Chuck, are two of the people I remember most from when we moved from Penrose to Mills River. They were both so sweet to me. She leaves behind two small children and lots of sad family and friends.

Thanks for still reading this blog. I know I'm not the best at updating but it has served as a great way to keep up with what's going on in our lives for the last few years. Did you know you can click on the dates over to the left and eventually go all the way back to when I first started this thing? Wow. Hard to believe how much everyone has grown and changed.

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