Friday, July 21, 2006

Time to Start

Over the last week I have really been reading a lot. I finished a novel and went straight into Amy Rosenthal's Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life. It was recommended for CKU attendees by Cathy Zieleske - well, I am not attending, but I am really glad I took her advice. The book is wonderful and a true recording of the everyday things that people think about. I am always thinking of silly things and wondering about this and that but I just play it off like it is dumb or take a "who cares?" attitude about it. Well, it appears that those things are part of what journaling and scrapbooking are all about.

My biggest worry? That I am a fake! That my scrapbook pages and all my ideas have just been lifted straight from the endless supply of magazines I buy or the websites I peruse hoping to find a good use for the thousands of sheets of paper I have staring at me when I sit down to scrap.

Speaking of sitting to scrap, I would really like to try the standup kind of scrap because my feet just swell so much from sitting so long. I wonder if there is a table made the right height for scrapbooking?

Okay I have said that I am really enjoying this book by Rosenthal so let me tell you some of my favorite scrapbook people - I love Cathy Zieleske's clean and simple lines and how she does so much with just card stock. Sometimes I am afraid it will come off as boring or "hey you can do more than that - but I LIKE IT! Especially if I have a great photo I am trying to showcase. I also love Ali Edwards, though I cannot seem to mimic her style. I think it is harder for me because I hate looking at myself and my children are grown so I don't have any cutesy pics of things they are doing right now. I wish I had started this when they were much younger - on the bright side, there will be grandchildren someday (not too soon, though, I hope).

My scrapspace is in the basement and sometimes it gets damp and I am so worried about my papers not being crisp - I wish I had another place but I should be happy that Frank has let me invade what was supposed to be "man quarters!"

I hope I can remember to keep this up. Tata for now.