Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Life's Treasures

Here are my three treasures: Amanda, Amy & Matthew in 2003 at our Lanning Reunion. I can't believe how much they have grown. Amanda looks like she is posing for a magazine shot with that hair flying. Of course Amy always photographs so well and my, oh my, I would have to say Matthew has changed the most. He must be twice this size now! How time flies! As for the page, I used the new line from Cosmo Cricket and I used liquid chalk to distress the photo to match. I also sanded all the edges of the papers and the photo.

Bulls kick off season tonight so as you might guess, we will be glued to the TV for a couple of hours. Of course, the DVR upstairs will be working overtime to record my Gilmore Girls and Boston Legal. Guess those are two of my favorite shows, add in Grey's Anatomy and the new, Men in Trees, and you've probably got them all. Oops, I forgot, I also like the new Brothers & Sisters on Sunday nights. Anybody out there want to add their favs? Just leave me a comment below. Love to hear from you.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Frank found us on Google!

I know it might be kind of hard to see, but look what Frank found on Google Earth today. It is our apartment with my van and his truck and Amanda and Amy's cars out front. Their cars are easily seen, they are the white dots closest to the blacktop. Cool, unh?

Good Morning!

This morning, Frank & I were listening to NPR and we heard a cool little story about a man in Georgia who won the lottery. First, he found out he lost his job because the plant he worked at was closing, then he went into the gas station, paid for his gas, bought a lottery ticket, the lottery ticket was a winner, $225,000 I think. He was so excited that he drove off without getting the gas he had already paid for! Anyway, I thought it was cute and so nice to hear something good happen to someone after they lose their job!

So far, the weekend has passed pretty slowly, which is nice for a change. Yesterday, we all celebrated Helen's birthday at the new Carrabas in South Asheville. I had the Trout Wulfe and garlic mashed potatoes! Delicious. Helen was very excited about the new laptop she got from Art. She is very new to the computer so it should be exciting to hear about her progress. I remember when my mom first started on the computer. It was a good way for us to spend time together and talk on the phone. I couldn't always help her, but most of the time she figured it out anyway. Now she is a pro, she emails, attaches, and prints pictures, she makes beautiful cards for family and church members, and she keeps up with addresses using Word and Merge commands for Sunday School. A wiz, I tell you! I am proud of her for learning something so new!

Well, today is grocery day, so I better get running. Hope you enjoy today's scrapbook page. It is from Joanna & Ethan's wedding. I am doing an album for them, so that maybe the subject of a few pages for your viewing. TFL!

Saturday, October 28, 2006


Here's a page for one of my challenges using a foreign language in the title. I thought this one of Harmony sneezing while I took pictures after the wedding was so cute. Of course, the Gesundheit is German for Bless You!

Happy Birthday, Helen

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Happy Birthday, Helen! It's so nice to have someone as nice as you to celebrate today with. (See you're special - yours is a blinky!)

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

4.6! Yeah!

Yeah! Today was weigh in day and I tell you I was a little bit nervous. But I am happy to report that I lost 4.6 pounds! That was over a two week period as last week I didn't get to weigh because Frank & I were in Georgia.

Well, I must say I think I have been watching way too much television. The political ads are really getting to me. Last night I had a dream with Heath Shuler in it. Now don't get me wrong, seeing Heath Shuler is not really a bad thing, but in your dreams? I guess I should be thankful it wasn't Charles Taylor! Even though I am a Republican, you have to admit the democratic candidate is a lot easier on the eyes than the republican! Anyway, I will be glad when the election is over!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

A New Grandpa is Born

Here is Del holding his brand new grandson, Aiden Edward Brookshire. I know everyone is this new family is going to try to soak up as much as they can of this new baby's love. Nathan, Nicole and baby Aiden will soon be moving to Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

A Very Scrappy Sunday

Today I have been working on some scrapbook pages. I have all these great pictures now so I decided to get back into the paper side of it all. Hope you enjoy!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Little Princess

So isn't this adorable? I am going to have so much fun making this wedding album for Joanna & Ethan.

12 of 12 for October 12, 2006

This is a layout of 12 pictures I took on October 12. The journaling reads: 12 Highlights of My October 12 ~1) On the road to Brevard - foggy sun did make it out toshine on 2) autumn trees and3) pretty wildflowers; strip pic one includes 4) the time I got home, 5) Brandon and 6) Ben, two people I work with, and 7)Duane’s keyboard covered in cobwebs because he obviously does not work enough; pic strip two is the 8) scrapbook store I drive by everyday (my favorite), 9) my bike surrounded by fallen leaves, 10) my almost gone mums, 11) political signs (a sure sign of Fall), and 12) my boyfriend opening his new dehydrator that I gave him 6 days early! 10.12.06

The Happy Family

Four Generations of Harmony

Frank, Harmony, Joanna & Art - Great Genes!

Another Fine Looking Group!

From Pawpaw Art & Grandma Helen to Joanna & Ethan - continuing the line of great love affairs in the Conrad family!

Hey, You Can Dress 'Em Up & Take 'Em Out!

Tiffany, Shawn, Ethan, Joanna, Seth and Andrea - They look pretty good all dolled up!

I think she had a good day!

Joanna with brothers, Nick & Zack

And now, the most kissable one of all

Our little fairy princess, Harmony.

You May Now Kiss the Bride, III

Frank & I had to get in on the action, too! Isn't she a lovely bride?

Enough with the Kissing Already!

Frank & I enjoyed the spirit of love we were apart of this past weekend.

You May Now Kiss the Bride, II

Mr. & Mrs. Brookshire: Nathan & Nicole in a lovely backyard wedding.

You May Now Kiss the Bride, I

Mr. & Mrs. Seagle: Joanna & Ethan in a beautiful mountain-top ceremony.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Playing Catch-Up

Well, it has been a week since my last post and I have tons to catch up on. I'll start with today and go backwards. There is no weightloss to report this week because yesterday was weigh in day and I took Frank to Helen, Georgia to celebrate his birthday! It was a beautiful day and we walked in and out of shops all day and sampled German bratwursts, knockwursts, weinershnitzels and spatzles. All so delicious.

Over the weekend, we went to Nate & Nicole's wedding which was very calm and casual. I took pictures and most came out pretty well. I will publish in separate post later today. Also, we need to congratulate them again, as their son, Aiden Edward, was born on Tuesday, October 17!

Joanna & Ethan had a beautiful ceremony on Sunday at the Hickory Nut Gap Inn. The owners, Bo & Courtney, were great, the food was delicious, and everyone in the family was really nice to each other! And boy, does Frank look good in a tuxedo! Most guys hate those, but Frank actually asked what he could do for a living that would allow him to look that "hot" everyday! Any ideas? We've ruled out hitman, but if you have other ideas let us know. When you see the pictures, I am sure you will agree. Look for them later tonight or early tomorrow.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Aren't These Adorable?

Took these last week as practice for wedding pictures with Tamara's digital camera. Harmony is such a good subject. I wish I had this same technology when my kids were little. I think back on all the cute shots I missed of them. Oh well, some day they will have kids as cute as they were and then ... watch out! I can only imagine how many pictures I will be taking then! Hope you all enjoy the pics. Have a great day - it's going to get chilly soon! Welcome Fall! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Sitting Still

Seating still has never been one of my strengths. I like to be doing something. Well this week, I must have been pretty still because I didn't lose an ounce! On the flipside - I didn't gain anything either so that is pretty awesome, too. Still looking for the .8 to get to 20 pounds ~ maybe next week.

Things are starting to pick up around here. We have Nathan and Nicoles wedding on Saturday and Joanna & Ethan's on Sunday. I can't wait to see Frank in his tux (I know it's Joanna's day, but it is going to be cool to see everyone so dressed up!) I have to take pictures at both events. Should have some for viewing by mid next week.

The layout above is a Lifetime Moments Challenge to let someone else write your journaling. These are the answers Frank gave in August to one of my quizzes. The layout looks a little feminine with all the flowers and pinks, but I was trying to match it up to all the parrots swarming Frank in the top picture. The middle picture is from 5th grade and the bottom is from when we went to see Cirque du Soleil.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Flower Child

Here is another one of Harmony - such a good subject! It seems like I have a lot of her, but it's just because September and October are full of birthdays in this family. We have one every two weeks beginning with Harmony's on September 15 and ending with mine and Justin's on the 26th and 25th of November.

Now and Forever

I did this one for an "ad layout" challenge. I took all the photos at Tamara & Del's Wedding three years ago. She and I made her a scrapbook with most of these pics, but I wanted to use them in a single layout and I wanted to do a layout with no people in it. I like it, hope you do, too. Let me know - leave some comments once in a while - I like hearing from you. And if you have anything you would like to see a page of, let me know that, too.

Scrappy Weekend

Today, I am working on some pages for challenges at some of the websites I have been lurking in. Here is one of my nephew Luke. It is from Amanda's birthday party in 2001. I think he would have been about two here.

This pic was taken last weekend on Art & Helen's new property on Deep Gap. The journaling under the photo reads, "We've known each other for nine years now, and even though we argue a lot about who is right and who is wrong, you're still ..." My Mr. Right!!

I did this one after Harmony's birthday party in September. Joanna just looked so pretty that day, I wanted to scrap the picture.

Happy Anniversary

I want to wish my sister, Angie, and her husband, Gene a very Happy Anniversary! They have been married for 17 years! WooHoo! Hope you had a great anniversary! I love you both!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

2.6 More Pounds!

Today was WW weigh in day - I lost 2.6 more pounds! Now I am .8 from the magical 20 pound mark!

Now to recap the last couple of days: On Monday, Frank and I went for a nice one mile walk after work at Patton Park. The evening was cool and it was quite pleasant. Tuesday, Frank came home and announced we were going bowling across the street. That was a nice surprise (the fact he found our bowling balls was an even bigger surprise!) So we changed and headed on over. Our first game must have been (re)beginner's luck, he bowled a 157 and I bowled a 150! The games went downhill from there, but I did get two or three strikes each game, the problem was that they were always followed by one of my mis-stepped only three pin shots! I ended the night with a 98! UGH!

Today, Frank was off and he worked on dinner all day, starting with a trip to the Fresh Market and ending with a beautiful chorizo stuffed pork chop and polenta topped with mussel sauce. So yummy (your mouth is watering)!

Pictured above is Harmony showing me how she can "fly" in her pretty fairy princess dress. She is going to wear this in the wedding on October 15.

Monday, October 02, 2006

A Wonderful Weekend

What a wonderful weekend we had! On Friday, my manager gave me the day off early as a reward for working on the Chamber Event the day before - I don't think anyone has ever done that before! Frank and I started the weekend at the grocery store as the pantry was getting kind of bare. We ended the evening with some chinese food from Beijing. We originally stopped at China Grill on Highway 25, but decided to get home, unload and have someone deliver to us, turns out that was a good idea, as China Grill was robbed shortly after we left. YIKES!

On Saturday, we got up early (4:15 am), Frank made French Toast (my WW lite version) and around 9, we went for him to be fitted for the tux for Joanna's wedding. That was a hoot! The guy at Mac's Menswear on Main Street has been doing this for a hundred years in a store that seems even older! After that we went down to another old establishment, Sherman's Army Store. There, we tried on camoflage overalls and coveralls! We decided to get the coveralls for Art to wear on his new property! Saturday was his 61st Birthday so after our shopping we headed up to see the new digs and have a little party. He and Helen have bought land next to Shawn and Tiffany and it is a beautiful piece. They are surrounded by wildlife! We had lots of fun!

On Sunday we rode the motorcycle to the Flat Rock Playhouse to see "Leading Ladies," a hilarious play starring Scott Treadway. He was so funny, his comic timing is spot on. We laughed so hard we were both in tears. Afterwards we took Little River Road over to Price Road and around Big Willow. It was a beautiful afternoon for a ride. We stopped for gas at Mr. Pete's in Etowah and Frank bought me some lottery tickets. We won $25! So instead of coming home and eating we rode on up to Hawg Wild. Frank had their delicious smoked chicken and I had grilled trout from Morgan's Mill in Rosman.

We rode home in the chilly air and settled in for the evening. It really was a great weekend! Frank's next weekend off is WEDDING WEEKEND MANIA - most of us will be attending two weddings that weekend. I will be taking pictures at Nathan and Nicole's wedding on Saturday in Fletcher and at Joanna and Ethan's on Sunday in Chimney Rock. Sounds like another good one!

By the way, either the kidney stone has passed, disolved, or just decided to give me a rest. I feel much better and haven't had much pain at all since Saturday. Thanks for all the prayers!