Wednesday, January 31, 2007

WooHoo! 2.4

That's right, today was WW and I lost 2.4 bringing my total to 47! Yeah! So glad I was able to make my mini goal of 45 by January's end. So I guess now it is time to set a February goal - think I will go with another 5 pound goal. That seems to be realistic, although I would love to lose 7 again!So, do you think it is going to snow tomorrow? The weathermen are so sure about it - I'm hoping they don't jinx it. And I am hoping it will be cleared up so we can go to the circus - there are 16 of us planning to go see "Bellobration" on Friday.

I did the page above over the weekend, one of 23 that I did for an online crop. I like doing them because it forces me to go back through my pictures and scrap layouts that I might have forgotten I need to do. This is a great example, the pictures were taken at Zack's 16th birthday party ... in July!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Chef Hannah

I saw this picture on my sister's website and I couldn't resist scrapbooking it! Isn't she adorable? She made this herself for Angie on Christmas!

The journaling reads, " Isn't it cool to think Hannah, at age 9, already knows what she wants to be when she grows up ... a chef ... at Disney!"

I took the picture into photoshop and took out all the color except for Hannah's beautiful face and the delicious red strawberries on the yummy looking cheesecake!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

At a Crossroads

Well, it seems that I have come to a crossroads ... in my closet. There are now (and I say this with a cheer) more clothes in the closet that are too big than there are that are too little! Yes, I am smiling! :)

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I'm getting closer! Today at weigh-in I had lost 1.4 more over the last week. That puts me at 44.6 - keep those fingers crossed for next week. If I lose that .4 more I will be at 45 pounds lost, I will have lost 10% of my weight for the second time since August and I will enter that long forgotten place - ONEDERLAND! That's a place I haven't seen since 2002. I still have further to go than I have come but I realize that I have three things in my favor: 1) WW - great plan, fairly easy to follow, doesn't make me hungry all the time 2) Determination - I really am determined to do this and some days I even surprise myself by I much resolve I have 3) Pride - not the bad kind, but the self-esteem good kind - the kind that actually allows me to say to myself, "You are doing great. Be proud of yourself!" Not something I have always been able to acknowledge, but this thing I am doing, it is a good thing and I think recognizing it is a major step.

The layout above is kind of wild and carefree - just like my little 5 year old Amy was! Hope you enjoy this little turn back of the clock - 1994. Isn't the cake gorgeous? My sister made it

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Happy Birthday, Matter


So today you are 15! Happy Birthday, I love you!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Happy Birthday, Tiffany

Happy Birthday, Tiffany (January 21)! 23?
Soon You will be as old as I was when I met you!
Scary, isn't it!?


Saturday, January 20, 2007

Check This Out!

Some of My Favorites from the Last Few Days

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Snap, Snap!

Isn't this pretty? I took it the other day on my way home from Brevard. I only had the digital camera from work so I couldn't zoom in and you probably can't see it very well. But I was driving down 280 right before the county line and this red barn with a beautiful reddish brown horse standing to the side caught my eye and I actually went and turned around to come back and look at it again and try to get a good picture of it. The horse did not move its body the whole time, but its head followed me all along the fence as I scurried about trying to get a good shot. I so wish I had my zoom lens. Any way, in person it was a beautiful, peaceful sight. The sun was glowing, the red barn was bright, the horse was posed perfectly with its body casting a perfect shadow against the barn. This was one of my "stop and smell the roses" moments. I wish I had more but I am ever so thankful when they come and I don't miss them.


Yep, today is Wednesday which means Weight Watchers and I lost 1.6 lbs. today to bring me to a total of 43.2 pounds! Looks like my goal of getting to 50 pounds by January's end is going to fall short - but no biggy, I've adjusted and reset that goal to 45! No need to get discouraged, I realize that I have just slowed down a bit. I did walk the track over at the hospital twice this week and have hopes of adding that to my daily routine as weather permits. Amanda and Atley went with me on Sunday and we had a nice walk around the first time and then they actually jogged the second lap while I walked.

Today was the first day of exams for the kids at West. and as far as I can tell they faired pretty well. Nothing blockbuster but no great let-downs either. I know both Amy and Matthew are looking forward to next week when they get to start their "one core course" semesters. Matthew had been carrying a bookbag that weighs close to 35 pounds every day for five months now and soon he will have only a science book and notebook - I am glad his back survived. Amy has only her English class and Senior Project to fret over because her other three classes include two periods of teaching off campus at Mills River Elementary and one period of Teacher Assisting. Of course, she will be graduating in June! I know, I know, it will be here before we know it.

Just an update on Matthew's basketball team. They haven't done so well this year, I think they are 3-9, having lost most of their games by a couple of baskets or less. I asked him why they were doing so poorly with such talent on the team and he seems as stumped as I am. I know this, the coach isn't playing him as much as I think he should ... something I have never had to say before. Here I will go being the proud mama ... when coach put him in the other night they were tied and Matt immediately got two assists and they went up by 4 points. He had great court vision (he can see when the guys are open) so he is able to get off some great passes usually resulting in a score. He even fakes me out with his no-look passes!

Amanda is looking for a job with a few more hours (preferrably NOT waitresses) so you can earn enough money this summer to fill her bank account back up and hopefully go on a cruise. It's the cruise that Dee, Rebecca and Atley go on with Pat's School of Dance and there is a chaperone going who still doesn't have a roommate so Amanda is hoping to help her fill that void. Her dad has said yes as long as she can show that she can earn enough to pay for it. So if you see any openings anywhere, let us know!

Well, it's time for me to close and watch the Bulls finish the second half against the Bucks. We're down by 3 right now. Good news for Carolina though, they beat Clemson by a pretty big amount, 22 points last time I looked! Go Tarheels!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

What You Can't See

Amy Luvs Christmas

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Yummy, Yummy

Today, Amanda made cupcakes and boy, are they yummy, but even better, they are only 3 points (with icing!) Here is what she did:

"Made the Dark Chocolate Fudge Cake into Cupcakes Moist Deluxe (Duncan Hines) The Cupcakes are 90 calories each and come up to 2 points each. We used Duncan Hines Dark Chocolate Fudge Icing - 1 tbsp adds one point (if you use more add 1 pt per tbsp) These cupcakes are delicious and moist. We substituted 12 ounces of Diet Pepsi for the eggs, water and oil in the recipe on the box which saved us 55 calories and 4 grams of fat per cupcake - and a whole point (which is enough for more icing if you want! Haha!)"

Friday, January 12, 2007

Just 2 Pages I Scrapped

One is a review of some of my more favorite pictures of me and the other is of Nick. I loved the contrast of using the baby jars on the page with such a big boy!

Thursday, January 11, 2007


So, I weighed on Wednesday and I had lost another .4! Not a whole lot, but still better than nothing! It was a really good meeting today - talking about ways to go out to eat and enjoy it. Helen was there, too, and she had a good idea I hadn't thought of: since the portions are so large at most restaurants these days - get a "to go" box first! Just go ahead and divide the meal in half and eat part there and take home the other half! Great idea. I always feel guilty leaving it on the plate or I pick at it even after I am full until all of a sudden I look down and I have picked at it until it's gone!

Julia told the funniest story - I wish I had her picture with it. Seems she and her family ordered chinese takeout the other night and they all got their normal orders, but she ordered hers with no oils and they steamed it for her. Well, when they went to pick up their food all the styrofoam boxes were labeled with what was in them and guess what her's said? GOOD! Can you believe it? It was hilarious. She was so proud of what they had written that she washed out the container and brought it to show to us today. I so should have pictured phoned her!

Well, it's late or early one, not sure, just couldn't sleep, so here I am scrapping and blogging and wondering how bad I will feel when it is actually time to get up. Well, guess I'll try to get a bit of shut eye before the alarm goes off. Nighty nite.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007



CAN YOU TELL I'M EXCITED! Please let it last!
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Look again!


and that's my bicycle ... GETTING SNOWED ON!
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That's me WITH SNOW IN MY HAIR !!!!!
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It's Snowing! Yeah! I wanted to see snow and even though I am not getting to see as much as Mama & Daddy have in Clyde, I am getting to see it!
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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Winter Scrap Fest 2007 ... So far

.4! Parking Challenged? Major Scrappin!

Okay, it has taken me a while to get this posted ... darn internet! I couldn't believe it when I stepped on the scales and she wrote .4! Like I said in the last post, I didn't think it possible that I had not gained. I think I have been pushing my luck! Time to buckle back down. I did have a fabulous moment this week when I put on jeans that were too tight in May and they would not stay up (see the ME 2007 layout above for a picture of just how big they were on me!) And then I tried on another pair that did not fit me just four weeks ago and they fit perfect! So happy!

Has anyone ever called you, "Parking Challenged?" Well, I have been called that three times in the last two months at work! The first guy called it to my attention in early November, so I started paying attention and tried my best to get straight in. Thought I was ... guess not. Last week, Linda, our HR person, and Ruth, the publisher, both told me I had a major problem. They were shocked that I was actually pulling "straight in" - it seems I veer over to the right ... a lot! So anyway, I am trying to do better. Should have added that to my new year's resolutions, I guess.

Okay, see all those pages at the top? I have done all of those in the last three days! Lifetime Moments is having another contest and since I won a bunch of gift certificates and supplies at the last one, I thought I would give it another go around.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Mediacom is really getting on my nerves!

Just wanted to check in and say HAPPY NEW YEAR - since I didn't get to say it yesterday or on Sunday - thanks to the wonderful technicians at Mediacom! I am blogging from work now because my internet connection has been down since Sunday - ugh! Driving me crazy. And just when I signed up for another on line crop fest t They are also having a crop weekend at A Cherry on Top another one of my favorite online scrap sites. Not going to sign up for it until MCHSI decides to cooperate!

So I hope everyone had a beautiful new year. I was glad when the rain finally stopped. Frank and I stayed home instead of going out to any celebrations pretty much because the weather was already bad and add to that all the bad drivers on NYE and it seemed like a better idea to stay in. We had lots of fun! He made nachoes and we watched the ball drop - a good evening all in all.

Have you made any new year's resolutions or set any goals for 2007? Of course, my first goal is to continue to lose weight and attend my WW on Wednesdays - which I am dreading tomorrow because the scales today say I have added a couple of pounds. Oh well, got to face the music - I did eat a lot differently since last Wednesday. Chicken fingers at Cheddars, Prime Rib and Lobster at Frank's, then Nachoes - I really don't deserve a loss this week. But I am back on track and I did make my personal goal by then end of 2006! I am not going to beat myself up but I am going to be more strict. If the scales are right, and I have a 2 pound gain with Frank having been in charge of the menu for the last 10 days - well let's just say, 2 pounds "ain't as bad as it could've been!" My other goals include meeting more people and selling more ads in my territory, keeping in touch more with family and friends (hopefully this site helps me do that), and being better organized (of course they are not necessarily in that order.)

Well, hopefully, my internet works when I get home, if not, I will plan to post WW tomorrow afternoon before I leave work again. TTFN! Leave me some "love" (comments) tell me what your goals are .... pleaseseseese!