Monday, February 26, 2007

Falcon Playoff Details

Click each of these to get more details:

About the NCHSAA Tournament & Pairings
West plays Thursday at Joel Colesium in Winston-Salem at 7 pm

They will play against
Starmount High School from Boonville, NC in Yadkin County

Sunday, February 25, 2007

A Race to Finish

Today, I have been trying to work on Joanna's wedding album. I was able to do 6 pages for her album and one for Lynelle's album. The one above is one of my favorites because I LOVE it when Frank laughs out loud - his laugh makes me laugh so I called the layout LOL!

I also did these that include Ethan's side of the family: His dad, Knox; mom, Sherri; brother, Seth; sister-in-law, Jenny; grandparents, David & Evangeline; and his Aunt Denise.

Special "Thanks" to Ethan's mom, Sherri, for these photos for me to scrap:
Harmony fulfilling her duties as flower girl ~
And here is another of my favorites - I love the look Joanna has on her face as she "eyes" Ethan standing in the foreground:

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Game Summary

Here is the Game Summary from today's Times-News and from the Citizen-Times

Summary OWEN (64) -- Allen 10, Farrar 9, McGinnis 2, McVay 5, J. Halvorson 4, Reynolds 16, Wilson 1, T. Halvorson, Blankenship, Randolph, Owenby 17.

WEST HENDERSON (86) -- Smith 13, Corliss 26, Jones 13, Smithson 17, Ducote 10, Hyatt 1, Greer 4, Staggs 2, Collins, Hutchinson, Schlernitzauer, James, Johnson, Roberts, Thelan.

Halftime: West, 36-24.

Next stop, Wake Forest

West won again! Woohoo! They beat Owen High tonight at Erwin, the score was 85-64 and Matthew got to play! Sure, okay, it was the last 30 seconds and they were ahead by 21, but the coach got Matthew and Colby into the game - so cool! Matthew said all the guys on the team were hollering at him to, "SHOOT THE BALL!" So he shot a 3 pointer and it bounced of the goal! Hey that counts as an attempt ... in a varsity game ... a varsity Sectional Finals Game! Do I sound proud? Sorry, guess I am kind of proud, but in the way a Mom should be - just thrilled that Matthew is so happy and so dedicated. This week he has gone to basketball practice for 2 hours and then to baseball practice for another two hours. Tomorrow he will practice baseball at 10 am, then scrimmage with the JV baseball team sometime in the afternoon. Next week, Coach Bliss is going to try and get them some court practice time at Clemson or WCU so they can see what it's like to play on a college court since they will be playing in Winston-Salem at Wake Forest University on Thursday night! Woohoo! It is awesome that he is getting to experience this - just like when Amy and Zack got to go to State with the swim team. The boy's swim team brought back the state championship when Amy was a junior and she still remembers how cool it was to be a part of all that excitement! So keep your fingers crossed and maybe they will get to play a few more games!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

If I Only Knew Then What I Know Now

I am working on a scrapbook page with this theme. The biggest thing that rings in my memory is all my teachers telling me NOT to get married so young, that I would never finish school, etc. Well, that is probably one of the things I should have listened to, it's definitely one of those "if I knew then what I know now" things! Tell me a few things that you wish you had known (or at least listened to) when you were younger. I will be sharing my complete list on a scrapbook page in the very near future.

West Won Again!

Last night's game was a nail-biter again! Down to the last 1.7 seconds, West was at the free throw line and down by one when Vinnie Smith hit both shots to go up by one! Looks like Matthew will get to go to the sectional finals tomorrow night at Erwin High School where the Falcons will take on the Owen Warhorses. Not sure if we have played them before or what kind of record they have, but I imagine if they have made it this far, they are pretty good.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

1.2! I DID IT! I MADE IT TO 50!

It was close ... right on the dot as a matter of fact, and that was only after a couple of trips to the bathroom, but I did it, I lost 50 pounds as of today's meeting.

So, it was suggested I should by myself something special to celebrate. I am accepting suggestions - so send me some comments and let me know what you think I should do for myself. I have $50 to spend!

Happy Birthday, Joanna


Happy Birthday, Joanna! She is celebrating #22!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Matt's Back on Varsity Bench

It's a good thing really, the varsity coach that had Matthew filling in at the beginning of the basketball season, has asked him to join the team for the playoffs. He doesn't expect to play, but the coach wanted him and Colby Thelan to experience the playoffs, the strategy, and learn the plays. There has been a lot of flu bugs going around and I guess it never hurts to have a couple extra guards hanging around. Last night's win over Pisgah was a nail-biter, but they pulled it out in the end. He'll be on the sidelines again tomorrow night when the Falcons take on Smoky Mountain in the second round!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

1.8! Happy Valentine's Day

So, what do you get the girl whose lost 48.8 pounds for Valentine's Day? Well, according to Frank, fat or not, weight watchers or not, he will ALWAYS buy me a Whitman's Sampler (ain't he the greatest?) I will say he was nice enough to buy the 12 ounce box instead of the two pounder ... and of course, he expects me to share, so that's really only 6 ounces! Tonight I had the coconut, the toffee, and the caramel piece. Sounds like a lot, I know, but I actually had those without even going over on my daily points (I had a 2 point smart ones for lunch just in case tonight involved chocolate!)

Well, I hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day! Send me some love and comments - what did you get? Was it tasty? Did it smell good? My chocolate came with a beautiful card that said exactly what I needed to hear ... ALWAYS!

Tonight, Matthew's JV Basketball team played in their last game this season. It was a tournament game at Brevard against Pisgah. Matter had 10 points, but they lost by 5. Tomorrow, he starts baseball tryouts at West.

For those of you that don't know it, last Tuesday (when Frank and I were home sick as dogs) Matthew chase a ball into the bleachers and came out with a bloody cut over his right eye. He ended up in the ER with 6 stitches and he missed their last regular season game. On Sunday, Amanda, Amy, & I took him back to Express Care and had the stitches removed and then we all went to Greenville, SC and ate lunch at Sticky Fingers. We also went to the movies and saw "Because I Said So ..." a definite chick movie that Matter was kind enough to suffer through. It was pretty good but the best part was that me and my kids were all together for the first time in years it seems! I mean just us, not a holiday, nobody working, no boyfriends. It was a great day! Here is a picture to prove it!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Working on Wedding Album

Pages for the Wedding Album I am trying to finish for Joanna's birthday on the 21st. Keep your fingers crossed - I have 10 days left!

My favorite so far? Little Things, the layout with Mimi and Joanna. It has the words to the song, Little Things Mean A Lot, and the hidden journaling underneath the picture on a pull out card reads, "When the Kay Starr song, “Little Things Mean A Lot,” began to play at Jo’s wedding you could see the tears fill Mimi’s eyes – Joanna had heard Mimi talk about how that was her and her husband’s first dance and Joanna wanted to surprise Mimi by playing it at her wedding. It was indeed a surprise and the result was precious. It is a beautiful song and Joanna proved what a very thoughtful and beautiful granddaughter she was by playing it for Mimi on her special day. I think this picture of Mimi and Joanna is lovely – the smiles – the tears – just beautiful. It proves the song – little things REALLY do mean a lot!"

Thanks for looking at my blog. Will try to update a bit more tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

No Weigh In Today

Well today is only a continuation of yesterday which was an awful day - either we have a stomach bug or we have food poisoning. Frank is convinced it was food poisoning from some coldcuts or fresh bread we bought at Sam's while I am more inclined to think it's just a bug. Either way, we both feel lousy. Hey, it's almost 5:30 and it's the first time all day I have felt like looking at a computer screen - yea, I know, "she must be sick," right? As you guessed it, my sickness kept me from weighing in today, but if I feel better by 10 am tomorrow morning, I will weigh in then and get it posted. My scales say I have lost a little bit - but who knows. I used 16 of the extra 35 last week over two days and I haven't done that very often so I was a bit worried. Of course, chicken soup and gatorade is all I have today so maybe that will make up for it. Hope everyone else is healthy and well. Have a great Thursday and wrap up - it is seriously cold out there this week.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Colts Win!Ownbey Named MVP - oops, I mean Manning!

Way to go, Colts! What a great game - I have no fingernails left - bit them all off watching all the fumbling in the first quarter! But I am so glad the Colts won, what I can't figure out is how did the Bears make it that far in the first place? Guess next year, I will have to watch all season.

Super Sunday

Is it just me, or does anyone else out there think Peyton Manning and Luke Ownbey are twins?

So, yesterday, Frank and I were at Sam's and this family with four boys came in. The boys were playing with the Super Bowl display at the front of the store when the biggest one said to the littlest one, "Who do you think is going to win the Super Bowl?" Without hesitation, the little boy replied, "Budweiser!" Funny! :)

Yes, I did win a spelling bee once or twice

Just wanted to let you know that I know that Cotton is misspelled on Harmony's "Cotten Candy" layout. I kept looking at it thinking it was wrong and then when I went to fix it, I was out of "o"s in those letters. Hoping Sandy has an extra "o" in her stash when I see her on Monday. Until then, please forgive me. (My sister was in shock when she saw this - she knows what a stickler I am for spelling!)

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Family Circus

We did it! 17 of us actually made it to our house on time for glorified hamburgers, chips, and little debbies before loading up in three cars to carpool to the circus in Greenville. Frank made us all pose for a family portrait first which once I am done scrapping those photos, you will see was a photographer's nightmare! We all had a great time. I snapped so many pictures and a few of them came out pretty well, even of the circus itself. I really enjoyed the tigers and the trained puppies (they were sooo cute!) I hope that everyone who reads this that went with us will comment on your favorite parts, too (I need journaling for my pages afterall). The pages above are the ones I have done so far. I intend on making an album just about the circus - most are 20 layouts so I guess I have 14 to go (definitely going to need some more journaling!) Enjoy. TFL!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Told You!

Well, I just knew they were going to jinx it, add in the fact that the school system didn't hesitate to cancel school and it was pretty obvious that we were NOT going to get the big storm predicted. By 8:30 a.m. there wasn't anything going on around here, so I took off to work. I had to deliver some flyers to Brevard and the closer I got, the more snow started to fall. It was so beautiful! I delivered the flyers, drove down Main Street to find almost everything closed, stopped by to see Sandy at the scrapbook store and decided, "Hey, I'm out, why not see if I could get some pictures in the forest." So I did and those are three of them. I set the timer and the camera on the fence and ran out to get proof that I got to "play" a bit in the snow.

I would like to have seen more. but I am happy that I got to get out, get pictures, and stayed safe! Hopefully, Angie got some pictures of all the snow she got in SC.


I have the news tuned to channel 4 and 7 and Angie is definitely seeing some beautiful snow right now! The flakes look huge. Guess Brett will get to experience his first real snow day! Right now, it is just flurrying here, although the guy on WHKP says the flakes are falling big time on Four Seasons, looks like I may have to go to work to see the snow!

Look for snow pictures - as I am sure you'd expect!