Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Matthew makes the highlight reel!

Click HERE to see highlights from the North Buncombe @ West game last night, the video takes a few minutes to load and it starts with the girl's games so be sure and wait for it! Matthew's three pointer is shown and Stan even says his name! So cool!

Michael Justus/Times-News
West Henderson's Kagan Williams tries to drive past North Buncombe's Black Westbrook during Tuesday's game at West.
By Dean Hensley Times-News Staff Writer
Published: Wednesday, December 31, 2008 at 4:30 a.m.

West Henderson’s final game of 2008 will be remembered as its best.

Tuesday night at the West Christmas Doubleheader, the nightcap came down to the final minute, and what a final minute it was. North Buncombe’s Randy Pressley, arguably one of the best rebounders in the state, had an offensive rebound and put back with 5.3 seconds left, giving the Blackhawks a 54-53 lead.

But West answered with Daniel Hyatt hitting Kagan Williams on the inbounds pass, and Williams firing to a streaking Adam Troutman across the lane. Troutman then rolled the ball off his fingertips at the buzzer, and the ball found the net as the home crowd erupted after the thrilling 55-54 win.

“Kagan made a great assist, and I knew I didn’t have much time so I just jumped as far and as high as I could and fingerolled it in,” Troutman, who finished with a team-high 14 points, said. “It was my first game-winner, and it feels fantastic.”

Teammates surrounded him and showered him with high-fives.

“The thing about Adam is that he’s got a quick jump shot, and that makes him hard to defend,” Falcon coach Rob Bliss said. “For a senior who didn’t get to get to play a lot last year to be able to step in like he has this year and hit a shot like that, it’s big.”

It was a see-saw affair throughout, with the Blackhawks building a nine-point lead at 50-41 following six quick points from Pressley, who ended the night with a game-high 18 points. But the Falcons rallied for a 10-0 run to take the lead back after Kevin Thomas’ layup with 50 seconds left.

North Buncombe (6-6) answered with a quick jumper by Alex Roberson that made it 52-51, but the Falcons took the lead right back when Hyatt drained a 10-footer, setting up the two last-second shots by both teams.

Hyatt (10 points and 10 rebounds) and Troutman (10 rebounds) both had double doubles for West (5-5). Thomas was the only other Falcon in double figures with 13 points.

West’s boys and girls return to action Friday night at home against T.C. Roberson.



NORTH BUNCOMBE (54) — Bridges 4, Pressley 18, MacDowell 6, Ledbetter 6, Westbrook 3, Magee 4, Roberson 7, Fox 2, Bailey 4.

WEST HENDERSON (55) — Thelan, Young 6, Roberts 8, Williams 2, Troutman 14, Thomas 13, Hyatt 10, VanWingerden 2.

Halftime: West, 25-22.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

From this morning's photo shoot

Usually the unposed pictures are the best ... and this one proves it. It is by far my favorite of this morning's shoot with Tamara and Del and family. I love how everyone seems to enthralled with whatever funny story Aiden is telling. Cute, cute, cute!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy Anniversary, Mama & Daddy

45 Years! Wow! I am so lucky to have parents who love each other so much. Thank you for setting such a great example for all of us around you. Happy 45th Anniversary! I love you both!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas with Art & Helen

We shared Christmas with Art and Helen, Tiffany and Shawn, and Justin on Christmas Eve. I got a book I have wanted for a long time called, "The Moment it Clicks." I am already on page 70!

Click above photo to see larger version or click on Frank's picture to be taken to a photo gallery of individual photos.

Christmas with Grandma & Granddaddy

Click photo to see full size!

You can also view individual photos by clicking the photo box below

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve Eve 2008

Christmas Morning ... not a creature was stirring ... but not for long!

Reindeer helper, Amanda

Xyla wrapped and ready

Nick and his dolly, Molly

Smiley Amylooking so pretty tonight

And Harmony poses for the camera as usual

Amy and Xyla were so excited about the Elmo book

Who do you think looks more excited?

Opa and Harmony opening an original box of Tinker Toys. Harmony said, "Oh we have these at school!"

Nick telling Joanna to, "Shsssh!"

After she said a bad word of excitement when getting a gift card to Ingles.

Amanda and Harmony waiting for the Penguin to poop. Definitely a highlight of the night, the penguin kept Harmony giggling the rest of the night!

Zack getting ready to open his gift from Joanna & Ethan

All the boys, including Opa, got cap guns! They were LOUD!

Mommy gets a hold of Xyla's ticklish spot and entertained us all with baby laugh!

Amanda's gift from Atley - the ENTIRE Lucy collection on DVD!

More Elmo Book - Xyla studies the books so much it's like she can already read.

Harmony gives Amanda a big thank you hug for the cool princess bank. It makes a magical sound every time you put money in it. It's a much sweeter sound than the one my debit card makes every time I use it :)

My youngest elf, Matthew, always looks good in a hat!

Amy got Zack's name and this WOW game. I hope Zack understands this game more than his face suggests!

Atley drew Nick's name and got him a really funny Gangster shirt at Spencer's

Nick got Matt's name and gave him movies

Zack got Amy's name and got her a Wii game party game (the same one I got her!) Not sure who looks sillier in this photo, Amy with her tag on her head or Nick with the weird face!

Matt got Amanda an 8 GB Flash Drive - college is only 2 weeks and 3 days away.

Amanda got Atley and she gave him a model car to which he responded, "Just add water?" Too bad that's not how it works or we would all be growing model cars!

I hate pictures of myself but Amy took this and it's only fair that everyone who was at the party is shown in at least one photo, right? Here I am happy as can be after opening a really cool LIFE Picture book from Atley.

I don't care what you all think, you're all winners in my book (even with the big "Loser" symbol over your heads!)

I Love Lucy's biggest fan with her boyfriend and his biggest fan! (haha!)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mamaw ... Her Kids & Her Great-Grandkids


The Great-grandchildren

Okay, now let's get a bit more specific:
left to right - Meredith (Mark's); Josh (Lisa's); Tyler (Stephanie's); Grayson (Mark's - as if you couldn't tell since he looks just like him!)

Jordan (Lisa's); Erin and Krista (Lynette's). Let me just say that these cousins seem as close as me, Lynette, Lisa and Angie were ... which is really cool!

Okay, the little girl in green, the boy in red, a the boy with the green stripe shirt belong to Shawnee (Danny's girlfriend); on the front row in black is Richie's son and I hate to admit it but out of all of the kids that belong to my cousins, his is the only name I can't recall. Sorry, Richie. The taller girl in the middle is Amber (Danny's); Valen (Missy's) is smiling in the back; and Sydney (Richie's) is in the pigtails.

The Shipmans

G.L., Pat, Lynette, Lisa & Stephanie

Tyler, G.L., Pat, Lynette, Erin, Lisa, Krista, Mark, Stephanie, Jordan & Josh

Lisa's Oldest, Cody Mann . I think he looks just like Uncle G.L.

Lynette's daughter, Krista. I swear I didn't realize she had two daughters. Sorry, Krista, I will never forget again!

Lisa's baby, Josh, he told me he had just turned 6.