Monday, February 23, 2009

Switching Gears to Baseball Now!

We won all of our Games!

Taylor Pitching

Roberts to Ivens for the 3rd Out - Inning Over!

Matt at Bat

Daniel Hyatt Pitching

Matter Batter

Isgett's Homerun!

West vs Pisgah at WAC Tourney

Pics from the Falcon WAC Tourney Semi-final game held at North Henderson High School on Wednesday, February 18. We lost to Pisgah, 80-68. Next game is state playoff game against East Rutherford on Monday night, February 23.

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Happy 24th Birthday, Joanna

Okay, I admit it, I am late getting this up. I am soooo sorry! And get this, in the past I have put up birthdays for everyone in the family even though I know most are only seen by a few loyal readers. But this year, Miss Joanna surprised me. She called us today from her new phone number at her new house and she told me she has internet, too. Of course she does :( since I have been too busy to post and get her greeting up. Her mother-in-law follows the blog and told Joanna to check it out and of course she would look on the one weekend when I have missed a birthday greeting. I felt sooo bad! So here it is ... a little late, but with the same heartfelt, we love you message we've always sent!

HAPPY 24th BIRTHDAY, JOANNA! We hope your day is as special to you as you are to us! We can't wait to see your new home. When's the party?

PS Hope you enjoy catching up on your life through my blog!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Two New Favorites

I must tell you that being sick last week was a little easier to stomach with the discovery of two new products: Welch's 100% Red Grape Juice and Premium Mini Saltines.

This Grape Juice reminds me of what Mamaw Burke used to make that still had the grapes floating around in the bottom of the jar. I drank a whole bottle by myself in one day last week. Of course that, and the crackers, were about the only thing other than cold and flu meds I was able to eat.

I sure hope no one else gets this yucky stuff. I know Mama had it and so did Angie. It's pretty rough. I missed 3 out of 5 days at work last week. Not a good way to start the year. But I feel much better today and look forward to getting back to work. I can't believe I can say that I really have missed my job!

PS I would like everyone to keep my friend, Hillary, and her mother, in your prayers. They are traveling to Israel this week to tour the Holy Land. Please pray for their safety and for clarity in Hillary's life. I really believe the Lord has great things planned for Hillary and I am hoping she will discover some of those plans on this trip.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My <3 Weekend

This weekend was really nice. Frank and I had dinner at Haus Heidelburg on Friday night. We enjoyed the food but not the service. Our waitress tried to talk us out of our order by offering to substitute something we asked for in place of something else on the sampler platter for two. However, when we got the bill she had charged us for it then she played the "accent" game insisting either she didn't understand us or that we didn't understand her. Oh well, it was nice to go back but we probably won't go back again for a while. We will have to try Black Forest again. We've only been there once - for Frank's birthday, I think.

After dinner, we did our shopping at Harris Teeter, picking out lobster tails and steaks for our Valentine's dinner to be cooked by Frank. On Saturday we got up and went to get some dirt so we could re-plant the sign we got for Art & Helen two Christmases ago. I took the pictures above at the dirt pile across the street next to the bowling alley. I like the landscape of the mountains and the one of me playing on the backhoe.

On Sunday, we had a lazy day of planning and shopping and catching up on some DVR tv. It was a nice weekend for two and for a couple who don't usually celebrate V-day there was an awful lot of love in our house this weekend. It was a nice change from the harried weekends we sometimes have.

I hope everyone has a great week!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Matter on the Front Page! WooHoo!

Well, it has been a while since my last post ...

Okay, so it's lunch time for me and I decided Hillary was right, I need to update this blog! I always wonder should I start with most recent and track back or vice versa? I think since last night's news is so awesome I am going to start in the present and work my way back!

This is today's sports headline in the Times-News, "West stuns top-ranked Smoky Mountain!" And I love this paragraph by Jeremy Trantham, "Buoyed by the emotions of Senior Night, the Falcons held previously unbeaten Smoky Mountain (20-1, 8-1) to just two first-quarter field goals and took an 11-point lead into the second on Matt Roberts’ double-clutch 3-pointer at the buzzer."

This one was pretty good, too: "Roberts had 11 points and five assists, Kagan Williams had 12 while sophomore Kevin Thomas added 11 points."

Yep, you could say that I am a pretty proud mama today. Not just of Matthew but of all the boys. They played their hearts out last night to beat the number one 2A team in the state! You know they beat them at home last year, too. It was on Matthew's birthday and they were ranked number one that day, too. Too bad all the teams we play aren't ranked number one and undefeated when they come to the Falcon roost!

This win was made sweeter by the fact that we had lost the last three games, prompting me to go into a depression that has kept me from posting. Well, that and a major bout with the crud over the last 4 days hasn't helped. I haven't even uploaded the photos from the Brevard or East game yet. I know, I must be sick, right?

So back to the past a little, I touched on the fact that the boys lost to Pisgah, Brevard and East over the last two weeks. Some of it was bad play and a lot of it was bad refs. I know it's hard to call these games, but it would be nice to think the refs at least knew what to call and didn't just make stuff up.

Okay, moving on to my girls. Amanda is enjoying college life at WCU. She has her own blog where she posts pictures of her art projects ( It's really great to see what she is doing. She has Intro to Interior Design, Art 2D, Art 3D, and Intro to Drawing. Undoubtedly the Intro to Drawing guy is a meany. I had to play it cool and refrain from being a "mommy" last week when she told me this professor cursed at her and erased her drawing because he didn't like it. Ugh .... art is what you make it, not what is taught! Anyway, she was home this past weekend and that was great because I have seen her every other weekend since she left and we talk or text or facebook daily, so I am doing okay with her being 2 hours away.

I will probably have a harder time with it once Amy joins her next year. That's right, Amy is finally filling out applications for WCU. I feel better with them being close to each other and closer to my mom and dad than I would if Amy went all the way to East Carolina. I just don't think I could handle her being that far away. I also know a few people from West who have gone there but are back at home after one year. Guess it's a lot different going to school outside the safe haven of our mountain communities. Everyone keep praying for Amy as she has 25 hard hours to complete this semester in order to walk the stage with Amanda at Blue Ridge in May. We'll expect to see some of you then, too!

Well, I guess that just leaves me. I have been hard at work setting appointments and pitching our internet. I was also given a new duty of selling front page sticky notes. I am supposed to sell 10 per month. YIKES! At $1000 a pop, not sure how well I will do at that, but I am trying. We are also going to be launching Yahoo and some search engine marketing packages that I am really looking forward to.

Tomorrow is a double good day - VISION and 12 of 12! I love it when 12 of 12 comes on a weekday when I am already going to take pictures (good news for March, too, since the days of March mirror the days of February.!)

On a sad note, I think it's sad anyway, since I haven't heard from the computer guy in over a week, I'm afraid to call. Anywho - my external hard drive crashed. You know, the one that had ALL of my digital images stored on it. Yea, that one. The one with all the beautiful Arboretum Butterflies and my awesome fireworks pictures and some of the most beautiful flower photos I have ever taken. The one with my pictures of me and the girls at the beach and me and Frank in Wilmington. My trip to Charleston with all the rain and the lovebirds and the fountains. Better stop or my tears will start again! Yes, I am sad. Yes, I am mad, too! And now I am stumped. How many times and places will I have to back my stuff up in order to secure my digital memories???

Well, it's time for me to get back on the road. Will try to post pictures tonight after I help Amy with her Marketing quiz.