Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Long Days, Short Nights (2!)

Today was weigh day again and I lost 2 more pounds! Yeah! It was a great moment on what has been an awful last two days. I have a kidney stone and it hurts like crazy - it's too far down to zap, so I am just doubling up on the water to try and flush it on out.

While sitting here now, I just glanced at the clock and hit me - why do we have to spend more hours of the day working than we do relaxing or being creative? I hate that it is already 9 pm and I have just too busy a day tomorrow to stay up late "playing or scrapping" tonight. I wish the night would go just a little slower and the day a little faster!

I have joined a new digital website called A Cherry on Top ~ it is really neat. Above is one of the layouts I did over the weekend for their Fall Festival Crop.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Fairy Tales

Another layout for the online crop this weekend at This one was for a challenge using three of my favorite scrapbooking companies. It also used everyone's favorite little princess, Harmony.

Friday, September 22, 2006

The Leaves Are Starting to Change Already

Not sure why, but the leaves seem to be changing colors a little early this year. Today I found this really pretty pink leaf on the tree behind our apartment. It was really sticking out among the mostly green leaves. I had to scrap it with the poem I had read earlier this morning. I think this is my favorite time of year for taking pictures.

I hope

A layout challenge I did - It says EVERYTHING I truly felt when I got this picture back after Harmony's party.

My journaling reads:

I hope the doctors were right this time
I hope you feel better soon
I hope the treatment worked
I hope they find a cure some day ... soon!
I hope you will live for many more years
I hope you can be yourself again
I hope you will enjoy Frank’s cooking again
I hope you can feel our prayers

Most of all ...

I hope you know
how very much
we all love you

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Wooten Family Reunion Photos

Wooten Family Reunion
Sep 10, 2006 - 36 Photos
Click this picture to be linked to an album with the pictures from my daddy's mother's family reunion. We went to Camp Hope on September 10. The groups were big so I had to take some of the pictures in sections. I welcome anyone viewing to send the names of the people in each photo if you know them.

Harmony's 3rd Birthday Party

Attack of the Mums!

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We planted these last year and they took up less space than a coffee can, now they are above waist high. Frank has had to tie them up to keep them contained. Everytime it rains they go into leaning mode. I probably should cut and vase the yellow ones. I can't remember what color the three are that are yet to bloom. Frank says once they are gone, they are gone. Next year he gets it back for an herb garden. I can deal with that - fresh herbs on fresh Frank cooking - sounds good to me!

2.2 More!

So today was weigh in day and everyone laughed at me because I wore this suit that I had not been able to wear in two years and because it was heavier material than I usually wear, I changed into my "Weigh Day Dress." And it worked, I had lost 2.2 more pounds for a total of 14.6. Crossing fingers to go over the 15 pound mark next week! I did celebrate a "fabulous moment" for that suit. It was a suit I bought in 2004 and immediately regretted buying because even then the skirt was a little tight. It was hanging in the back of the closet and I decided what the heck I would get it out and try it on and to my surprise it fit beautifully. It felt really good to wear it today! When I got home I tried on several other things and they are still a little snug but it gives me something to look forward to and something on which to gage my progress. At WW they call it "Going Shopping in Your Closet" I like that because I have plenty of pretty things that have hardly been worn and it saves money, too!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Happy Birthday, Harmony

Harmony, Frank's granddaughter, turned 3 on Friday and on Saturday we celebrated - Princess Style! She is adorable! She had three little girlfriends there along with great & grand parents from three sides of the family! Harmony was dressed as Cinderella when we arrived and she was happy tooting around on her new recorder. When she opened her presents, she found more princess things - wings, crowns, jewels, a "Belle" gown from Beauty and the Beast, and a purple "Princess Harmony" gown. Looks like she will be playing dress up for a while. I remember how much fun it was to play dress up at my mamaw Burnette's house. I can't wait to get my pictures from the party back (THREE rolls, the girl is a camera hog!) Grandma Helen also got her a Raggedy Ann (my favorite) outfit, she looked like a clogger or a little danish maid.

After Harmony's party, Frank and I came home and had wonderful homemade pulled pork bbq - he is such a good cook - this meal set me back 17 whole points - for one meal! I still managed to stay within in my limits so let's up that pork doesn't show it's face on the scales at WW on Wednesday!

On Sunday, we went scuba diving at Jocassee. The drive was quiet as we were both trying to wake up. When we got there, the lake was down over 20 feet. The ramp was really long and you could see islands in the water that aren't usually visible. We took our time getting ready and finally got in the water. It was warm but very murky. In fact, I don't think we have ever been when the vis was so bad. We made our way over to the skeleton and the boat and followed the line down a bit further, maxing out at about 60 feet. At that point it was just to dark to see anything and we headed back up. At about 40 feet, I felt narcosis, which is usually reserved for about 80 feet, so I motioned to Frank that we should surface soon. He wasn't feeling too good either so we started our ascent. On the way up, we found a plane wing which we had not seen before and there was one place that seemed to be bubbling a milky white substance from the rock. We made it back to shore and packed to come home. It was good to get the practice, but needless to say, it will not be remembered as a "good" dive.

I wanted to thank Halle, Lynelle and Shelly for having lunch with me on Friday at Hawg Wild in Brevard. It was nice to see each other again all together. Lunch was good and the fellowship even better. I only wish Matt and Clint could have been there ... and Jay, too! Maybe we can plan a reunion again soon!

Well, that's my lunch break, back to work now. Today we are learning about a new online advertising opportunity to present to our real estate agents and car dealers.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Wow, I weighed in again today and I had lost 5 more pounds! YEAH! I was kind of shocked, actually was shaking with excitement. This past weekend I went to a family reunion and there was a ton of homemade food and desserts. I had smoked turkey and tons of my mom's delicious green beans and two of her bbq meatballs. I wasn't really sure how to count points for the meatballs, so I just guessed and did the same as a small hamburger. I also picked the KFC mashed potatoes, gravy and cole slaw because the points are easy to figure with my dining out point guide. I actually ate a roll, too, which was more points than I thought they would be. I had one bite of mom's banana pudding (from Matthew's plate) and when I added up the days points, I had stayed under my total. More good news about that day - I wore shorts, NOT OVERALLS, shorts! Some that I had not been able to get into since last summer! Weight Watchers plan is working well and it helps to have so much support. There are 3 ladies where I work also doing it. Today we added it up and between us we have lost 90 pounds. They are very encouraging! Tonight, Frank made burgers and fries - not as bad as you think though - it was a Boca Grilled Veggie Burger on Thomas MultiGrain English Muffin with lettuce, onion, fat free cheese slice, ketchup, and mustard - and I counted out the fries. It was really good!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

"MEMORY is a way of holding onto things you LOVE"

I found this Template by Erica Hernandez and I just loved the layout. It came in as a bright pink and I changed the color to match the picture of Frank. The journaling reads, "I love the way your eyes look in this photo - it's a lazy day, you're my sweet, "I love you" look - and it makes me smile :) !" And it does. I took this on Easter Sunday in 2001 and I have always wanted to scrap it. I think it is perfect for this layout.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Feeling Better Now?

Yes, I did have a much better day yesterday than the two days before. I was able to get all my ads proofed and into the first edition of the TNW-Brevard. I am really excited about taking that publication to all the businesses on Tuesday. Kevin is going to go with me and I hope we will make a good impression on my hometown.

Yesterday, I picked up Matthew and Zak at ASI. They are doing strength training there and I think they are actually adding some muscle! Matthew now tells me he needs a tan because then his muscles would look bigger! I think my son is growing up. One of the girls that works with Amy told me yesterday my son was gorgeous - I should have taken it as a compliment but instead I was like, "Back off, girl" that's my baby and yes, he is cute, but let's not go making him grown up gorgeous yet. I think that "mama's little baby boy" instinct took over! It was a side of me I had not seen. Weird!

Amy came home from work and as usual she was most helpful. I was tired and went to bed pretty early and when I got up this morning, the kitchen was spotless. I don't know where her energy to work all evening then come home and CLEAN (ugh) comes from. Oh wait, yes, I do - her dad! Thank goodness I was smart enough to make my children's dad an organized clean freak! LOL. It's nice to know all my kids won't grow up to be as messy as their mom!

Hoo Hoo

Night before last, Frank and I were leaving for the grocery store and we heard faint sounds of hoo-hooo as cars were passing by our house. We stopped to listen more closely and realized it was the sound of an owl ... actually two owls. We could tell that one was on the right side of the drive across the street and the other a little further down and on the left. One would hooo hhooo hhoooo and the other would sound as if it were almost chuckling and respond back with a hoo hooo hhoooohhhooo! It was mesmerizing. We were both caught up in it - amazed that here in our little city world, we were able to hear sounds from the country. I wonder what they were saying to each other and if they could hear us? (Picture from Halle's Mom's Collection - See Comment)

Thursday, September 07, 2006

All Dressed Up

This is a picture from the 1950's of my mom and her sister, Sandra, and my grandparents, Scott and Pauline. I think they all look so pretty and it looks like spring. Althought there is not writing on the back of the photo, I get the feeling it might have been an Easter Sunday. If you look closely at my mother's face you can see that she has not changed a bit! I love this picture of her family.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A Little Modern Art Departure

My latest page. I did it for a challenge that encouraged you to think out of the box. I like the filter on the picture of mattew and from there just decided to do something really different. The lady running the site thought it was way cool, too. I hope you all enjoy it. The picture was from Matter's last basketball game at Rugby - it was the game where they recognized the 8th graders. He just strolled across the court and smile as he gave the guys the high five! So calm and cool. He really looks happy!

3 More!

Today I went to WW again and I had lost 3 more pounds - Yeah! A day to celebrate! The excitement was short lived though as reality checked back in when I went home for lunch. Some days you just can't do ANYTHING right it seems. Have you ever been accused of something you didn't do and you just wish you had done it because at least then you wouldn't be doing the right thing and still getting yelled at? That is what this day that seemed so wonderful ended up being. Hey, not all days can be happy days I guess. Kind of sad writing from the one is supposed to be so optomistic. Oh well, I am human, REALLY human as I have been reminded over and over again this evening. On the bright side, (see I am still in here) I handled it without eating to cope. I was tempted mind you, I went to the grocery store to get bread and the chocolate bars and goldfish crackers and peanut butter ice cream were all very tempting but instead I bought a scrapbook magazine - which I admit I need probably even less than I need the chocolate bar - but hey, I am not going to screw up two weeks of dieting just because I feel about two inches high. The scrapbook magazine was the best choice and I must say that putting pen to paper, eh, fingers to keys is also very therapeutic. Think I will go read or do a scrapbook challenge from one of my new favorite websites - TTFN

Monday, September 04, 2006

Almost Over

My Labor Day Holiday is almost over. Three day weekends just don't seem that long anymore. Maybe it is because we haven't been on vacation in two years. I sure do miss getting to go to Jamaica again this year. We missed last year because I broke my shoulder and this year they are renovating the resort where we like to stay.

We didn't do much at all this weekend. Nick stayed with us and he and Frank played tennis for 3 hours on Saturday night. Yesterday, Frank and I wore up really early and laid back down for a nap. We didn't get up until 2 pm, making it hard to go to sleep last night.

Realizing it just wasn't going to happen for me, I decided to roam the internet. I went in and out of forums all night long. Most of them were about scrapbooking and graphic design, but a few were quite interesting. It is amazing all the different people in this world. It seemed like a lot of the blog sites were being put up as part of classroom curriculum. I think that is pretty cool. I probably would have journaled more in high school had there been a medium like this then.

Today I have been locked in my basement trying to finish a scrapbook for one of my friends at work. It is of her son, Duncan. She is expecting her second child anyday now and I really wanted to have this one finished for her before she takes leave. I should be finished by the weekend. I got about 4 pages done today before I was sidetracked by Joanna's upcoming wedding.

She and Ethan are getting married October 15 at the Hickory Nut Gap Inn. I looked it up online and it is a nice rustic place. She is going to ask her dad to walk her down the aisle (can't wait to see him in a tux!) I, of course, will be taking the pictures. Sure wish I had that Nikon Digital. I hate the thoughts of using film and ending up nothing. Everyone is really excited about it. Harmony is going to be dressed like a little fairy princess, wings and all. It should be sweet. If we can only find someone to officiate. It seems that getting married on a Sunday afternoon is making it hard to find a preacher. I have put Lynelle to task. She knows a lot of ordained ministers and I am crossing my fingers she finds one soon.

We will be celebrating Harmony's 3rd birthday in two weeks! Yeah. More photo ops!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Sisters & Brothers

I just love this picture of Joanna and Nick. I think this is probably the third or fourth time I have used it in a layout ... but it's the first time in digital format.

The picture was taken at Nick's 14th birthday party at O'Charleys. Joanna, Harmony, Tiffany, Grandma, Mom, Del, Dad, Paula, Dee, Rebecca, Matthew, and Corey were all there to help celebrate.

The journaling also mentions how much we missed PawPaw, who was still having a pretty rough time of it with his cancer treatments. We did indeed miss him. "Thangs just ain't the same without Pawpaw!" Thank goodness he is feeling better these days. Posted by Picasa

Our Sympathies

Art writes, "The sad news I wanted to relate is: Shawn's Grandma Joyce died yesterday after a month in the hospital following heart surgery, She had some complications and Wednesday they decided to operate. When they went in they found cancer had taken over her body. They closed and told the family they would send her home. She did not ever get to go home, she died yesterday in Mission Hosp.. May God accept her soul.

Shawn our family member is devastated. He has lost both his maternal Grandparents in less than a year. Any comfort you can afford him will be most welcome. He is actually a very fragile and uncomplicated soul and we all love him."

Yes, Shawn, we do love you. As one who has also been so readily been accepted into this Conrad Clan, I am sure you will find comfort from this side of your family as you deal with this loss. Our prayers are with you and with Tiffany, who I know considered your grandparents as her own. I know you are both hurting right now as Frank and I did when Pop passed, but in time you will have only happy memories to recall and you will laugh once again as you remember all the sweet ways they touched your lives.